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Firefighters in Tijuana responded to a fire in the Los Alamos community after a fuel pipe capsized at the Insurgentes Boulevard.

Witnesses said the petrol pipe capsized in front of the Los Alamos shopping center. Authorities added that they had received reports of a violent incident shortly before 12:30 pm.

Francisco Kota I told Telemundo 20 which is a sister station of NBC7He was at his son’s stationery store when he saw the incident.

“I was the first to run out,” Kota said of his reaction when he saw the pipe “turn over and go down sharply.”

“When that happened, a spark popped out with petrol and it ignited the fire, so it slipped down,” he added before several nearby businesses were burned in the incident. It was.

“When the firefighters arrived, we were all already here,” Kota said. “They thought it would explode, but it didn’t, or it would have reached us all this way.”

Tijuana and civil protection firefighters responded to the incident. Officials said a total of six fire departments helped respond.

At around 1:30 pm, authorities said they had already gained control of the flames. They said their priority was to prevent the spread of gasoline and fire.

No injuries have been reported in this case, and the identity of the drivers involved is unknown at this time.

Images of the Telemundo 20 team show some companies and cars damaged in the area. However, authorities have not commented on the extent of the damage.

“The first five or six businesses are on fire,” Kota said. He couldn’t go back to the area to see if his son’s business was among the victims.

Due to the flames, Tijuana General Hospital has issued a warning about air quality and how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Rosario Camacho Garcia of Tijuana General Hospital recommends seeing a doctor if the dangerous symptom is the experience of the locals. Such experiences can be caused by direct or long-term exposure to smoke, and symptoms include dizziness, nausea, headache, weakness, and vomiting.

Citizens are encouraged to avoid the area.

This article was originally reported by Telemundo 20. To read the original story click here.

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