VOLO Beauty Launches VOLO Go – Business Wire

SAN DIEGO–()–(August 2, 2021) – VOLO Beauty — the eco-friendly beauty company that specializes in innovative haircare technology — announces VOLO Go, the world’s first salon-quality hair cordless dryer, is available for purchase on the VOLO website. The brand is known for their award-winning hair towel, the HERO, which uses Nanoweave™ material that is extremely gentle and absorbent. Using a proprietary quartz-infrared heating element to provide an extremely gentle heat styling experience, the VOLO Go dries hair quickly and efficiently by penetrating each strand of hair to the cortex with healthy, radiant heat from the inside out.

“I am honored to announce the release of the world’s first salon quality cordless, infrared hair dryer. It took years to perfect the VOLO Go and I am proud of our team for what we have accomplished,” says co-founder and CEO Ryan Goldman.

The unique heat styling tool was created to revolutionize the way hair is dried. VOLO Beauty’s infrared bulb warms the hair itself, drying the hair evenly throughout, which cuts down on overexposure to heat on the hair. The result? A salon-caliber hair dryer that consumes less energy from the planet — the VOLO Go is three times as energy-efficient as a traditional dryer. The VOLO Go comes equipped with a removable lithium ion battery pack for cordless drying as well as a sleek charging base, and a USB port to charge your cell phone. It features three simple button controls: On/Off, Cool Shot to smooth locks and cut down on frizz, and Smart Dry, which adjusts the heat to where you need it during the drying process and saves battery life. The LED light indicator lets you know exactly how much charge is left on your battery pack, so you’ll always know when you need to recharge, and when you are ready to go.

“What’s so cool about the VOLO Go is that it’s not just a hair dryer that is cordless. With our patented infrared hybrid heating element technology, it’s a better, healthier, way to dry your hair. And since it uses much less energy, it’s better for the environment,” says co-founder and President Jonathan Friedman.

The healthiest heat styling tool in your arsenal, the VOLO Go can go anywhere that you do. Say goodbye to the bathroom wall and welcome to the future of haircare. The VOLO Go is available now exclusively at volobeauty.com.