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Local school districts that were out of compliance with providing equal access to sports girls are now called leaders by the nonprofits that called them.

Vista High School has a new softball field comparable to a baseball field, but it’s not the only one. This field is part of a multi-purpose sports complex for both boys and girls sports, including field hockey, soccer, tennis and athletics.

“We didn’t really have the best quality compared to men,” said female athlete Salina Schultes. “We had the same facilities, but not at the same level, so I think it’s a big improvement.”

Three years ago, students at the Vista Unified School District complained about the inferior facilities, equipment, and treatment given to softball players compared to the youth sports program. Since then, district foreman Matt Doyle said the district has been working with two nonprofits, the California Women’s Law Center and Legal Aid Atwork, which have sent requests to the district to make changes. ..

“As soon as we got our attention, we investigated it, decided what needed to be changed, and immediately jumped at that change,” Doyle said, and the school board already said. He added that he was working on sports facilities. The issue of fairness when a complaint is made.

Amy Poyer of the California Women’s Law Center said Vista Unified wasn’t the only one. According to her, most school districts do not comply with Title IX, which partially provides equal access to girls and the opportunity to compete in sports.

“That’s a big problem,” Poyer said. Title IX will turn 49 in just a few weeks. Therefore, this law is almost 50 years old. There are retired Olympic athletes who recognize the achievements of this law … what could they do with the sport they were able to play? So while progress has been made, there is still a lot of work to be done. “

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