USA TODAY launches digital subscription for premium journalism –

Our journalists are on the scene as soon as major news is reported somewhere in the country. People often ask, “Why did you take people there so quickly?”

Our answer: we don’t have to “reach” there, we is There.

USA TODAY has journalists nationwide and works daily with more than 200 media outlets on the USA TODAY network, from the Arizona Republic to the Detroit Free Press to the Providence (RI) Journal.

This is a powerful combination. This is a unique on-site report from a national perspective. Facts you can trust because we report them directly. A reporter who asks tough questions and digs records at state capitols and courthouses throughout the United States.

Perspectives from all parts of the country, not just the coast.

Approximately 90 million unique visitors visit USA TODAY’s digital platform each month for legal and life-changing research, smart sports analytics, expert science and health reports, and entertainment to make the most of your time and money. And provides consumer news.

We have become part of your daily news habit, and we are honored to serve you.

Now we are asking our readers to support premium journalism.

Much of USA TODAY’s content remains free. But you will find a selection of stories marked “subscribers only” every day. These are exclusive research, sophisticated visual explanations, thought-provoking takes on the news, and immersive storytelling.

This is a big change. Our digital news is always free. However, USA TODAY was founded on the basis of boldness.

Your subscription is a quality journalism worth paying for, an investment in journalism that strengthens our community and our country.

And we have a big plan.

We continue to invest in investigative journalism (recently breaking a series of exclusive articles from the collapse of surfside condos). We are creating a new way to present content clearly and quickly (check this visualization on the Tornado Alley). To help us understand this complex world we share, we are incorporating a new voice (have you read Connie Schultz?). And wait until you see USA TODAY’s team cover Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics.

We know how busy you are, so stay true to our roots and keep your news fast, concise, and professional with hot newsletters, daily podcasts, textual news, and interactive chats with experts. We are constantly innovating the way we deliver.

If you’re a USA TODAY print subscriber, you already have full digital access. If you have already subscribed to the e-edition or ad-free version, you are also signed up digitally. Are you a subscriber? Here is one.

I know I have more questions. You can find the answer here.

An edition of Your Week with USA TODAY, a subscriber-only newsletter.

But here is the conclusion. We are partners in this democracy. Together, we have a strong accountability. Together, we look for underprivileged, marginalized people. We rely on each other for solutions to make our lives easier and better. We grow together by understanding a different perspective, meeting and listening to people outside the social media bubble.

We are proud to tell the diverse and rich stories of America every day.

Thank you for supporting this important task.

Maribel Perez Wasworth He is the publisher of USA TODAY and the president of USA TODAY Network News. Nicole Carroll I am the editor-in-chief of USA TODAY.