USA news live: Tropical storm Elsa kills 1 in Florida, hurts 10 at Georgia base – Times of India

People who are spreading disinformation on Covid-19 are doing a disservice to US: Zients

Vaccinated individuals may want to exercise discretion and wear masks based on their own level of risk tolerance in certain circumstances, such as indoor crowds


People who are vaccinated have a very high degree of protection against Covid-19 and do not need to wear a mask: Fauci

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Top US infectious disease official Fauci says data shows US-approved Covid vaccines are protective against Delta variant

93% of Covid cases in counties with vaccinations rates of less than 40%: Walensky

Covid rising in pockets of US with low vaccination rate: Walensky

Rapid rise of Delta variant in US troubling

US CDC director Walensky

US seeing outbreaks of Covid-19 in camps and community events: Walensky

US CDC director Walensky says Covid cases in US are up 11% compared to previous week

Spread of Delta Covid-19 variant poses potential risk to young people: Zients

White House Covid-19 coordinator Zients says nearly all US Covid-19 deaths and hospitalisations are occurring among unvaccinated

It is in everyone’s interest that nuclear powers talk to one another directly about reducing nuclear dangers and avoiding miscalculation. Until China sits down with the United States bilaterally, the risk of a devastating arms race will continue to increase, and that is in the interest of no-one

US ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament Robert Wood

US urges China talks after reports of nuclear build-up

The United States voiced deep concern on Thursday at reports that China is dramatically scaling up its nuclear arsenal, urging Beijing to engage in talks to avoid a global arms race.

Elsa seemed to spare Florida from significant damage, though it still threatened flooding downpours and caused several tornado warnings

There was a chance Long Island in New York would see sustained tropical storm-force winds late Thursday night and into Friday morning, the National Weather Service in New York warned

A warning was also in effect from New Haven, Connecticut to Merrimack River, Massachusetts including Cape Cod, Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket

A tropical storm warning was in effect north of Great Egg Inlet, New Jersey to Sandy Hook, New Jersey, and for the coast of Long Island from East Rockaway Inlet to the eastern tip along the south shore and from Port Jefferson Harbor eastward on the north shore

Some re-strengthening was possible Thursday night and Friday while the system moves close to the northeastern US

Tropical storm Elsa kills 1 in Florida, hurts 10 at Georgia base

Tropical storm Elsa carved a destructive and soaking path up the East Coast after killing at least one person in Florida and spinning up a tornado at a Georgia Navy base that flipped recreational vehicles upside-down and blew one of them into a lake.Elsa’s winds weakened to 40 mph (65 kph), but it was dropping torrential rains over the Carolinas as it made its way through South Carolina early Thursday, the National Hurricane Center said in its latest update. Elsa was expected to move over North Carolina later in the day, pass near the eastern mid-Atlantic states by Thursday night and move near or over the northeastern United States on Friday.