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Delta variant now dominant Covid-19 strain in CA

The Delta variant is now the dominant #COVID19 strain in CA. The science shows that getting vaccinated can help p…

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Tribe becomes key water player with drought aid to Arizona

Three more bodies have been found in the rubble of Champlain Towers South since the search resumed after the remaining section of the South Florida condo building was demolished Sunday. The death toll is now 27

2 dead, 3 wounded in shooting near downtown Cincinnati park

US hints at further sanctions on Belarus

Washington hinted at the possibility of further economic sanctions against Belarus in a strongly worded speech to the UN Human Rights Council on Monday.The United States announced targeted sanctions against key members of the Belarusian government in May after the former Soviet republic’s forced landing of a passenger jet and arrest of a journalist on board.”Such contempt for international norms cannot go unanswered,” said the US delegate, describing the incident as “sickening”. “We will consider further actions as necessary,” he added, in reference to sanctions.

Urging people to get vaccinated, Fauci said that the Delta variant, first identified from India, is clearly more transmissible

The country has about 50 per cent of the adult population that is fully vaccinated, while about 66-67 per cent of the adult population have at least one dose

The “disparity in the willingness to be vaccinated” has created “almost two types of America”, Fauci said

If you look at the number of deaths, about 99.2% of them are unvaccinated. About 0.8% are vaccinated: Fauci

No vaccine is perfect. But when you talk about the avoidability of hospitalisation and death, it’s really sad and tragic that most of these are avoidable and preventable


Over 99% Covid-related deaths in US were preventable by vaccine: Fauci

As many as 99.2 per cent of Covid-related deaths in the US were avoidable and preventable with vaccinations, the country’s top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has said. In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Fauci said that vaccine response among people can be varied and some who are vaccinated may still get into trouble, get hospitalised and die, but the overwhelming proportion of people who get into trouble are the unvaccinated.