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As gas prices continue to tick up, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to cool down the economy.

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Food insecurity in households with children has risen 12 percent since CTC payments stopped

Since the federal government has stopped making the monthly Child Tax Credit payments, food insecurity has risen twelve percent by February. As food costs have increased families have struggled to keep up.

Negotiations over the Child Tax Credit have basically collapsed with few on Capitol Hill calling on action to support families, those with and without children. Seniors have also struggled as many live on a fixed income which can be easily impacted by rapid increases in costs. The Senior Citizens League, an organization that represents the rights of seniors, reported hearing that many on Social Security had began to cut out meals and forgo picking up perscriptions because their benefits were not able to get them through the month. 

President Biden releases video on further plans to end the baby shortage formula

Supple chain pressures and a major product recall have combined to create a dangerous shortage of infant formula in the United States. President Biden is looking to increase the supply and make parents aware when new products become available near them. There have been reports of baby formula products being resold online at a huge mark-up as parents are desperate to stock up on the essentials. 

What percent of Starbucks’ union elections have succeeded?

Over the last few months eight-eight Starbucks locations have voted on whether they would like to unionize. Of those, eighty-eight percent, or seventy seven locations, have voted yes.

The People’s Policy Project crunched the numbers and found that the union would cover, so far, around 2,000 workers. This number could increase significantly as there are more than 150 locations planning to hold an election.

Which ciites saw the greatest decrease in the unemployment?

During the past 12 months nonfarm payroll employment increased in 147 metropolitan areas. The remaining 242 areas were essentially unchanged. The largest percentage employment gains from March 2021 to 2022 occurred in:

1. Atlantic City, New Jersey (+12.3 percent)

2. Las Vegas, Nevada (+12.1 percent)

3. Flagstaff, Arizona (+10.2 percent)

Americans across the country are back to work at a historic level. Right now, workers in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin are less likely to be unemployed than in any other time on record. The unemployment rate did not increase in any of our 50 states.

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Cryptocurrency is seeing one of its largest decreases in years, with many long-term investors exiting the market, what does this mean for Bitcoin?

Gas prices are up around the country, a sign that while inflation began to slow in April, numbers could spike again in May.