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Tokyo Olympics live: Day 15

Olympic News today

Team USA gets fourth consecutive gold in men’s basketball

Peres Jepchirchir took gold in the Women’s Marathon with fellow Kenyan Brigid Kosgei coming in second. America’s Molly Seidel, in only her third marathon, took bronze. 

Events today

Artistic swimming (team)

Athletics (women’s high jump, women’s 10,000m, men’s javelin, men’s 1500m, women’s 4x400m relay, men’s 4x400m relay)

Baseball Final (US v Japan 6am ET)

Basketball Men’s Final (France v US 10pm ET)

Beach Volleyball Men’s Final (Norway v ROC 10:30pm)

Boxing (women’s fly, men’s fly, women’s welter, men’s middle)

Canoe sprint (women’s C2 500m, men’s C1 1,000m, women’s K4 500m, men’s K4 500m)

Cycling (men’s madison)

Diving (men’s 10m platform)

Equestrian (jumping)

Golf (women final round – underway)

Handball Men’s Final (France v Denmark 8am ET)

Karate (women’s kumite +61kg, men’s kumite +75kg)

Modern pentathlon (men)

Rhythmic gymnastics (individual)

Soccer (Men’s final Brazil v Spain 7:30am ET)

Volleyball Men’s Final (France v ROC 8:15am ET)

Water Polo Women’s Final (Spain v US 3:30am ET)

Wrestling (women’s freestyle 50kg, men’s freestyle 65kg, men’s freestyle 97kg).

Full schedule with all times.

The women’s golf final is turning out to be a real nail-biter, with Nelly Korda of the US tied with Japan’s Mone Inami in top position. One hole to go!

Team USA takes the gold in men’s basketball!

A last-minute rally by France wasn’t enough to stop the Americans from being the Olympic champions with a final score of 87-82.

Kevin Durant with 29 points and 6 rebounds.

Jayson Tatum contributed 19 points, 7 rebounds.

Just a few minutes left and Team USA is headed for the gold.

It’s the fourth quarter with 7:34 left in the men’s basketball final.

The US holds on to its lead over France at 73-65.

The weather has interfered with the women’s golf final.

It continues to be a tight game, with a two-way tie for third place.

Norway’s Anders Mol and Christian Sorum clinch the gold, their country’s first-ever Olympic medal in men’s beach volleyball.

Viacheslav Krasilnikov and Oleg Stoyanovskiy of Team ROC win the silver.

The US finishes the second half with a five-point lead over France, 44-39, in the men’s basketball final.

Kevin Durant heads the scoreboard with 21 points.

Brazil’s Isaquías Queiroz dos Santos finally wins the gold in the men’s canoe single 1000m.

He reached the podium three times in Rio, but never at the top spot.

China’s Liu Hao takes the silver, Serghei Tarnovschi gets the bronze.

Team USA exhibits its dominance in the men’s basketball final, taking a commanding lead over France 39-27 with 3:35 remaining in the second quarter.

China takes home the gold in the women’s canoe double 500m.

Ukraine wins the silver, Canada gets the bronze.

A three-way tie for second in the women’s golf final, with Nelly Korda of the US holding on to her lead.

Team USA overcomes an early lead by France and wraps up the first quarter ahead, 22-18, in the men’s basketball final.

Now it’s neck-and-neck for second place among four women on the golf course.

Olympic fans are anxiously waiting for the start of the men’s basketball final between the US and France.

Team USA’s Nelly Korda is back in the lead!

It’s going to be an exciting finish in women’s golf!

New Zealand’s Lydia Ko is now -4, narrowing the gap between herself and leader Nelly Korda of the US to just two shots. But Aditi Ashok of India also hits a birdie, and is now tied with Ko.

Still in women’s golf… Lydia Ko is inching closer to the leader with three-under for today. She is now only three shots off Team USA’s Nelly Korda. Aditi Ashok, Inami Mone and Emily Pedersen are tied for third place.

In the golf Nelly Korda has picked up one shot today, to take her to -16. Lydia Ko meanwhile is on a CHARGE, three under for today and now on -13. India’s Aditi Ashok staying level at -12. 

The three are just driving on the fifth. Both Korda and Ko find the fairway, Korda going a fair distance longer, while Ashok has drifted right and into the short rough. 

Given it’s almost the end of the Olympics (sniff) there are some big old finals coming up. The US basketball team are in action looking for a gold medal at 10:30pm ET, facing France. 

Also at 10:30pm is the beach volleyball men’s final. Who’s your money on, Norway or ROC?

Then at 3:30am there’s the women’s water polo final, with Spain standing in the way of the US team grabbing gold. 

Keep an eye on the women’s high jump final (6:35 ET) where Vashti Cunningham (remember Randall Cunningham, NFL quarterback with the Philadelphia Eagles? Yes, his daughter) will be in with a chance of medal. 

At 6am it’s baseball final time. USA v Japan. And whoever wins it will have bragging rights for at least eight years. There won’t be any baseball at the Games in France. 

And there’s the small matter of the soccer final, which pitches perennial heavyweights Brazil and Spain against each other. Expect fireworks. Tune in at 7:30am for that one. 

Crucial putt at the third from Ashok to save par and stay at -12! Lydia Ko now has a putt for birdie to join her on -12 under and she fires it home! 


That’s the moment. Jepchirchir takes gold in the marathon. And coming in behind her are Kosgei and Seidel. 

Women’s Golf

Leader Nelly Korda is out on the course. She’s at 15 under, three strokes ahead of India’s Aditi Ashok. 

Danish golfer Emily Pedersen has picked up an early birdie and is at 11 under. 

There’s going to be a lot of love for Molly Seidel. And deservedly so. 


There’s your top ten in the women’s marathon. Season best for all the top six, and eight of the top 10.

So Kenya take gold and silver and Molly Seidel comes in just 26 seconds after champion Jepchirchir to take bronze. That’s not a bad Olympic debut. 

Kosgei comes in second and Seidel takes bronze! The American gives a huge roar as she crosses the line, and then gives it a “Hi Mum” and a wave to the camera.

Jepchirchir wins the Women’s Marathon. 2:27:20!! Congratulations to the Kenyan! She’s in tears. 

Jepchirchir has an absolutely beautiful running stride, even as she’s coming right to the end of the marathon. So efficient, so powerful. 

The Women’s Golf is underway, but we’ll get you an update on that once the marathon is over. 

Jepchirchir leads by five seconds from Kosgei, with another seven or so back to Seidel. 41.4 km gone, one to go. 

41km! Jepchirchir running it in for gold!

Jepchirchir is out in front! She’s produced a burst of speed to throw off her compatriot and the favourite Kosgei.

Kenya one-two as it stands, with a stand-out bronze for Seidel. 

Seven second gap from Kosgei and Jepchirchir to Seidel as they come through 40km. 

Kosgei and Jepchirchir are battling for the gold in the Women’s Marathon. 39.1 km gone. Seidel watching it from 40 yards back. Ethiopia’s Dereje is the closest to her, some 12 seconds back.

The two Kenyans are now pushing it at the head of the race, Seidel is a good 40 yards behind and won’t catch them, but with Salpeter dropping out the American is alone in third place. 

Salpeter pulls up! She stops! Seidel left in third!

Seidel and Salpeter have dropped away from the Kenyans who look so strong. 

Kosgei and Jepchirchir have just upped the pace and moved away. Seidel tried to keep up but she’s struggling. 

Molly Seidel still there in the leading pack. This is some run from the American even if she doesn’t manage to grab a medal. 

Seidel’s first ever marathon was in the 2020 Marathon Olympic trials…

Seidel avoids taking water there to stay in the shade. Good decision?

So painful for Eunice Chumba who can only watch as the other four keep their pace and she drops back. 

Brigid Kosgei, Peres Jepchirchir, Lonah Salpeter, Molly Seidel going for the medals... 36.2 kilometres gone, 2:07 run. 

Chumba falls back from the leading pack… and then there were four!

Salpeter, representing Israel, and Chumba, representing Bahrain, are both Kenyan born, meaning we’ve got four Kenyan born athletes in the leading pack. Seidel is from Brookfield, Wisconsin. 

2:02:58 to 35km. Kosegei leads from Jepchirchir then Seidel, Salpeter and then Chumba.

Chumba at the back of the leading group looks to be beginning to fade. Kenyan one-two cannot be ruled out. And if I were into betting that’s where my dimes would go. 

Two hour mark comes  up. The leading group of five just coming up on 35 kilometres: Jepchirchir, Kosgei, Salpeter, Seidel and Chumba.

Jepchirchir pushing on at the front, Kosgei alongside her. Seidel still there as is Salpeter and Chumba.

Under eight kilometres to go, 1:58 on the clock.

Five in the leading group now.

Seidel put on a burst then, which has split the leading pack, but also appears to have inspired the Kenyans to up the pace again. Seidel still holding her own. Salpeter in the group too.

Ruth Chepngetic is now walking along the route. 

The TV cameras aren’t on her, but we think you should know she’s still going. Sharon Firisua of the Solomon Islands is back in last place, but still going. She’s over 14 minutes behind the leaders. 


Women’s Marathon 30 km mark

Here’s how things stand as the women go over 30km, with Jepchirchir in the lead and Salpeter and Seidel alongside her. 

Kipyego has dropped back over half a minute. Tuliamkuk confirmed to have dropped out.

World Champion Ruth Chepngetic has lost pace and is now 11 seconds back as they come over the 30km mark.

Sally Kipyego has dropped off the leading pack. They’ve just coming up to the 30km mark. 1:45 gone. Molly Seidel is technically leading right now but it’s really just one group.

Women’s marathon: Looking like a 2 hours 31 minute race at the moment, as we get to 28.1km. Though expect that to slip as the conditions take their toll on the athletes. 

The leading group is 12 seconds ahead of the chasing group. I wouldn’t put any money on any of the athletes in that chasing group, but you never know…


Women’s marathon 25km mark

Leading group is now 12, led by Kenya’s Jepchirchir. US runners Seidel and Kipyego still up with them.

Aliphine Tuliamuk is out – her hip’s been bothering her all week and she was dropping further and further back and has decided to call it quits. 

Molly Seidel is in holding her own in the leading group.

Women’s Marathon: Halfway mark

Kenya’s Peres Jepchirchir leads, with a group of 10 other runners alongside her. 1:15:14 the time to the halfway mark. 

Molly Seidel and Sally Kipyego staying with the leading pack, as is favourite Brigid Kosgei.

28 degrees, 71% humidity. 22.8 km gone. 19.4 to go. Tough.

11 athletes in the leading pack. The thinning out has been fairly brutal. 

Women’s marathon 20km 

The leading pack has accelerated and put distance between themselves and the chasers. Lonah Salpeter leads and there’s only 17 within 5 seconds of her now.  

Molly Seidel and Sally Kipyego both in that leading pack but Aliphine Chepkerker Tuliamuk is over 2 and a half minutes behind, back in 71st.

Israel’s Salpeter leading the pack at the head of the race and they’ve just put on a burst to separate themselves out from the rest of the pack. A lot of runners beginning to tire out there.

Women’s marathon 15km 

We’ve still got a biggish group at the front but it’s beginning to separate out a bit. 35 runners within 5 seconds of leader Ruth Chepngetich.

US runner Molly Seidel going along at the same pace as Chepngetich as is Kipyego. Brigid Kosgei in the leading pack too.


Talking of splits, if you’re interested in what split times give what marathon times check out this chart

My 5:30/km would give me a 3:52 marathon, IF I could keep that going for 26 miles. Which I definitely could not in 27 degree heat. The women out there today will do around 3:20 a kilometre all the way round. It’s so quick. 

The marathon runners are taking on a heap of water out there, which is normal, but even more crucial given the heat. It’s now 27 degrees. I’ll simply note that doing a 5km trot round my local park today in 27 degrees (but not as humid as it is Sapporo) left me drinking water like it was going out of fashion. Splits of 5:30/km would not be troubling these runners either…

In the golf, leader Nelly Korda tees off at 9:18 am local time, which is 8.18 pm ET. 

Women’s Marathon 10km standings

Two US runners in the top 5 at the 10km mark, with Sally Kipyego and Molly Seidel in 4th and 5th. Peres Jepchirchir leading with Lonah Salpeter in second and Ruth Chepngetich third, though it’s all just one pack of about 45 runners in reality at the moment at the head of the race. 


The women’s golf is getting underway now. US golfer Nelly Korda leading the pack on 15 under. There she is, smashing a big old drive. 

India’s Aditi Ashok in second on 12 under. 

Women’s Marathon 5km standings

There’s a fairly big pack at the front of the race, with the Kenyans Ruth Chepngetich and Brigid Kosgei at the front. The leader for much of the first 5km, Japan’s Maeda, was just 2 seconds back at the 5km mark. 

At the 5km mark US runners Molly Seidel was in 14th, with Sally Kipyego in 16th both in the leading pack. Aliphine Chepkerker Tuliamuk was back in 66th and 15 seconds behind. 


There’s Maeda on the right, who’s been pushing the race along. 

14:20 into the women’s marathon, and they’re past the water table. Most grabbed a bottle, but not Japan’s Maeda, who is out in front and setting the pace. 

Japan’s Honami Maeda is pushing the pace here, but no more than a couple of yards ahead of the pack. 

The three US runners in the women’s marathon are Sally Kipyego, Molly Seidel and Aliphine Chepkerker Tuliamuk, who won the Marathon trials in Atlanta, back on February 29, 2020. 

Uganda’s Immaculate Chemutai is wearing an extremely cool yellow and black kit. Let’s see if we can get a photo of that. She’s the holder of the Ugandan national record, at 2:32.41.

Sapporo still has emergency covid-19 measures in place and fans have been asked to stay away from the race. 

The organisers have apparently moved the route a tiny bit to get the runners a little more shade. At the moment the sun is low enough that there’s not much direct sunlight on them, but that’s going to change pretty quickly. 

And we’re off in the women’s marathon!

With this heat don’t expect any records to be falling in the women’s marathon. A good time would be 2.20. 

It’s a bright morning in Sapporo, and already 26 degrees. It’ll probably be 29 or even 30 by the time the women’s marathon is finishing. The runners are out warming up on the boulevard near the start point. 

Keep an eye on Helalia Johannes…

Molly Seidel goes in marathon

27-year-old Seidel is from Hartland, Wisconsin and turned pro in 2017. Her PB in the marathon is 2:25:13 (set at the London Marathon), so she’s unlikely to be among the medals. 

The favourite by far is Kenyan Brigid Kosgei but keep an eye on her compatriot Ruth Chepng’etich too. 


Who was it who ran to, or was it from, Marathon?

The women’s marathon is about to get underway, all 26 miles 385 yards of it. You’ll probably remember there was a famous Greek who ran that far but what was he running for and where was it to and from? Our Gidget has all the details. 


Mexico claim bronze in the soccer

Mexico beat hosts Japan 3-1 to clinch the bronze medal in the soccer. Brazil play Spain later on today to decide who gets gold. 

Read the Mexico – Japan coverage here.

Medal events – Day 15

Here’s all the events with medals up for grabs today:

Artistic swimming (team)

Athletics (women’s marathon, women’s high jump, women’s 10,000m, men’s javelin, men’s 1500m, women’s 4x400m relay, men’s 4x400m relay)


Basketball Men’s Final (France v US)

Beach volleyball (men), 

Boxing (women’s fly, men’s fly, women’s welter, men’s middle)

Canoe sprint (women’s C2 500m, men’s C1 1,000m, women’s K4 500m, men’s K4 500m)

Cycling (men’s madison)

Diving (men’s 10m platform)

Equestrian (jumping)

Golf (women)

Handball (men)

Karate (women’s kumite +61kg, men’s kumite +75kg)

Modern pentathlon (men)

Rhythmic gymnastics (individual)

Soccer (Men’s final Brazil v Spain)

Volleyball (men)

Water polo (women)

Wrestling (women’s freestyle 50kg, men’s freestyle 65kg, men’s freestyle 97kg).

Olympics live Day 15

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Day 15 of the Olympic Games. It’s now early morning on Saturday 7 August in Japan, and at 6am local time, that’s 5pm ET and 2pm PT, the women’s marathon gets underway. We’ll keep you up to date on every twist and turn of the 26 mile 385 yard course. Later on there’s the US men’s basketball team in action looking for the gold medal against France, the men’s soccer final, featuring Spain and Brazil, and there’s also artistic swimming, a heap of athletics, cycling, women’s golf, volleyball, water polo and a whole lot more.