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More than five months have passed since Chula Vista’s mother, May “Maya” Milete, disappeared. Chula Vista Police Station (CVPD) Working groups of multiple institutions We will continue to provide biweekly updates.

The new update will include CVPD interviewing three more individuals, issuing two new search warrants and reviewing eight new tips.

This is where the investigation was conducted as of June 16th.

  • Interviews with 64 individuals, including family, friends, neighbors and witnesses.
  • The 44 written search warrants include housing, vehicles, mobile phones and electronics, call details, financial records, social media and cloud data.
  • We’ve reviewed over 93 tips on possible locations in Maya and the reasons for their disappearance. These tips came from the local community and across the country. The latest tips continue to include the possibility of Maya sightings in different parts of California.
  • Based on the clues to the investigation, law enforcement agencies also conducted an investigation in the eastern part of Chula Vista to include the 500 Hunte Parkway.

“Investigators continue to look at multiple pieces of evidence, looking at thousands of pages of data in the hope of finding Maya,” CVPD said in a release.

CVPD said it would like to appreciate volunteer search activities and support from a number of community members who support Maya’s search. Last month, Maya’s family and volunteers also said they focused on searching near Maya’s residence.

CVPD said it will continue to provide updates every two weeks until important information or incident interruptions occur in the investigation.

According to police, Maya was last seen by her family at her home in Paseolos Gatos around 5 pm on January 7. This was two days before the family was set up to travel on a planned trip to the Big Bear for their daughter’s birthday. Maya has three children aged 4, 9, and 11. Maya has not responded to phone calls or text messages since January 7, according to investigators.

Maya was reported missing by her sister.

At a press conference on Friday morning, May’s “Maya” Milete’s sister and brother-in-law, three mothers who have been missing since January 7, are emotional to the public for help in the case. I made a plea.

Maya worked as a civilian at a naval base. Her husband, Larry Milete, works at the (Balboa) Naval Medical Center in San Diego.

Investigators described Maya as having 5 feet, 2 inches, 105 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, and freckles. Her family said she had a tattoo on her wrist.

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Investigation of CVPD is ongoing. Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Mayamirete can contact the detective (619) 691-5139 or the crime stopper (888) 580-8477. The tipster can remain anonymous.

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Update on Investigation into Missing Chula Vista Mom, May ‘Maya’ Millete – NBC 7 San Diego Source link Update on Investigation into Missing Chula Vista Mom, May ‘Maya’ Millete – NBC 7 San Diego