TUCKER CARLSON: Another attempt by leaders of our country to inflame racial hatred in the United States – Fox News

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Well, as we said, that video is hard to watch. Parts of it are brutal. It seems like an abuse of power. You can’t kick a man when he’s on the deck, on the ground, handcuffed. Decent people oppose it. Virtually all Americans oppose that. We should also remember that we don’t know all the facts here. We’ve seen a lot of videos over the years that have been put to uses that had nothing to do with the topic of the video itself. So, we should suspend some level of judgment, but that video is awful in a lot of ways, but here’s what it’s not.  

It’s not an example of racism, systemic or otherwise. The man on the ground who was killed or died in any case was Black, but so was every police officer you just saw hitting him. So, by the way, is the police chief of Memphis. So is most of its city government. So also, is the overwhelming majority of the city of Memphis itself. So, whatever you think of them, White people did not play any role in this particular tragedy. Whatever the story may be about, it’s not about racial bias. Any honest person could see that immediately, but you would never know it from watching the so-called news coverage of this tape today. The only person whose race most media outlets identified was the victim. Another unarmed black man murdered by the police, they said.  

Moments ago on MSNBC, they just described what you just saw as White supremacy. Really? How? CNN’s Van Jones did acknowledge that the police who hit Tyre Nichols were Black, but, “they might still have been driven by racism.” Van Jones didn’t take the time to explain how. It was a lie of course. They’re all lying and Joe Biden himself, the president of the United States, swiftly reinforced that lie, referring to an event in which every single participant and their supervisors was the same color, Biden lectured the United States that, “fatal encounters with law enforcement have disparately impacted Black and Brown people.” 

The one thing we know, no matter how you feel about the video and most people don’t think that’s right, but the one thing we know for sure is that there is a highly aggressive propaganda campaign underway tonight designed to manipulate you and using the sad death of a young man in Memphis to do it. 

That propaganda campaign, like all propaganda campaigns, is by definition dishonest, but it’s more than that. It’s worse than that. This is yet another attempt by our leaders of our country to inflame racial hatred in the United States. Why would anyone ever do that? The consequences of doing that ripple through the generations. They don’t go away quickly, but they’re doing it anyway. Why? We can’t say for certain, but we can’t help but notice that the last time we had race riots in this country, a president, an incumbent president, lost reelection. There was a point. 


So, Joe Biden, if he weren’t senile, might be concerned by this, but whatever the intent of lying about what you just saw might be, we know that it’s evil and we are beginning to suspect that the violence expected in Memphis tonight is not organic. It’s not just outraged people taking to the streets. Why are we guessing that? Because similar violence is also expected tonight in cities across the country.  

As we speak, Antifa is coordinating riots on both coasts and in between. That would include Seattle and Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles, California, as well as Atlanta, Georgia, New York City, suburban Washington, D.C., etc., etc.. Barricades are going up right now in Times Square. The NYPD is worried about attacks on police and potentially public transportation. “Our rage is stronger than their power,” declared the Antifa chapter in Frederick, Maryland.  

Of course, by morning we’ll know if that’s true, but we already know there’s a lie embedded in the claim: outrage. We get so mad watching CNN that we took to the streets and set police stations on fire or whatever they plan to do. No. That’s not what’s happening. Antifa is not a bunch of hooligans. These are not idle kids who just appear out of nowhere because they’re so mad about what they saw on cable news or read on Twitter.  


Antifa Is a political instrument whose actions always are intended to effect a political outcome. Period. Antifa does not appear by accident. Antifa appears with a purpose to effect a political outcome every single time and if there’s one criticism of the rest of us watching this at home, it’s that we often miss that because every channel is telling us something terrible happened, here’s a video of it and sometimes the video is terrible and then they imply that because of this video, the emotions of the people watching just erupt into rage and violence, but that’s not what’s happening.  

Antifa is being organized by who? We don’t know. Why don’t we know? To do what? We can’t say right now, but we know for certain that in cities across the country right now Antifa is mobilizing to commit violence. This is a political militia. So, the question is: who’s benefiting from it? Those are the people you ought to be asking questions of, and we’re going to have time to do that, but right now, we are on the cusp of what many in law enforcement expect to be a long and violent evening. 

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