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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton may be lovebirds in real life, but there’s no room for soft spots on “The Voice.”

Shelton wished wife Stefani a happy birthday Monday with sweet social media tributes, but the heat was on when they both turned around for 18-year-old singer Kique. The Miami native blew the coaches away during the fifth round of blind auditions Monday, delivering a soulful rendition of Sean Kingston’s reggae-pop hit “Beautiful Girls.”

“Your kind of voice is one of my favorite kinds of voices,” Stefani said. “It’s so theatrical and creative.”

Coaches Camila Cabello and John Legend helped make a solid case for Stefani, with Cabello telling Kique that he and Stefani “would make a great team.”

“Sean Kingston, isn’t he from Jamaica? And Gwen Stefani became very famous singing ska,” said Legend, adding that Stefani was also “in a multiplatinum group called No Doubt.”

Despite Shelton’s attempt to bond with Kique over their shared love of pizza, his grasping at straws didn’t stop the singer from choosing Stefani as his coach.

“Whenever Gwen’s here, Blake loses a little bit of his edge,” Legend said. “She makes him behave himself, and he loses a little bit.”

Here’s what else went down during Monday’s episode.

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Camila Cabello, John Legend fight in the spotlight over country duo

Sister duo The Marilynds earned chair turns from Legend and Cabello with their warm harmonies and emotional cover of “What If I Never Get Over You” by Lady A.

Cabello was quick to use her background as a former member of the girl group Fifth Harmony to her advantage.

“I was in a girl group for almost six years of my life,” Cabello said. “I know harmony and arrangement like the back of my hand.”

But Legend also made sure to establish his musical expertise. “I used to sing with my siblings too,” he said. “I’ve been arranging for groups and choirs and harmonies since I was a kid, and I love hearing two voices that are in sync.”

Determined to get the last word, Cabello used the spotlight button, lighting up her portion of the stage while leaving the other coaches in the dark.

“I wasn’t going to go here, but you made me push the button, John,” Cabello said. “I have no doubt in my mind that I would be a great coach for you.”

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Legend didn’t take the sly move sitting down, however, getting out of his chair to stand in front of Cabello as she made her follow-up pitch. “If we’re putting spotlights over here, I’m just going to stand in it,” he said.

In the end, Cabello’s spotlight wasn’t enough to eclipse Legend, as The Marilynds chose to join Team Legend.

“I rarely get groups on my team,” Legend said. “And despite all of Camila’s shenanigans, they picked Team Legend.”

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Gwen Stefani declares she scored season winner with teen jazz singer

The marital claws came out when Kansas teen Daysia hit the stage. The 17-year-old vocalist wowed Stefani and Shelton with her precocious jazzy tone and tender performance of “Crazy” by Patsy Cline.

“I just thought you had an incredible voice, and you look like a star standing there,” Shelton said. “I’m a little bit nervous right now because I don’t think my wife is going to roll over on this one, but I’m going to fight.”

Stefani was ready to duke it out with her hubby and remind Daysia of her coaching cred.

“I love the quality of your voice. You can do all the runs, but you also want to just tell a story and speak from your heart,” Stefani said. “I’m not going to help my husband. … He has been here a long time, he has a lot of experience, but I have a lot of experience outside of the show.”

Daysia was ultimately swayed by Mrs. Shelton, with the singer opting to join Team Gwen.

“This is my dream season,” Stefani said. “I just got the winner of ‘The Voice.’ ”

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Blake Shelton gets four-chair singer bodie by begging: ‘I want you on my team’

California musician bodie captivated the coaches with his unique fashion sense and stripped-down cover of “You Found Me” by The Fray, earning the 29-year-old a four-chair turn. 

“I love your voice. Everybody’s going to remember you: the way you look, the way you sound,” Shelton said. “You have what it takes to make it to the finale.”

Cabello couldn’t resist poking fun at “abuelo” Shelton’s eagerness to get bodie to join his team.

“Blake is having a really, really bad run this season,” Cabello said. “So, I’m really curious to hear the thirst and desperation emanating from him.”

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And indeed, Shelton wasn’t afraid to wear his desperation on his sleeve, pleading with bodie after making his initial pitch.

“I want you on my team,” Shelton said. “Let’s win this show together, bodie. C’mon, please.”

It turns out Shelton’s begging did the trick, as bodie chose to join Team Blake.

“Everybody wanted bodie, and I got him,” Shelton said. “I may even beat Gwen without using any tricks.”

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