The Atlanta Braves’ controversial tomahawk chop continues into the World Series | USA TODAY

Is it finally time for the Atlanta Braves to consider a name change?
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USA TODAY Sports’ Bob Nightengale breaks down the controversy surrounding the Atlanta baseball franchise’s name and their infamous tomahawk chop as the Atlanta Braves prepare to meet the Houston Astros in this year’s World Series.

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The Opportunity To Establish Rapport With Your Students

Many teachers devote the first class meeting to giving a general description of the course and its requirements and, after answering questions about the course, either begin to lecture or dismiss the class early. But there are many things you can do on the first day that will help establish rapport with the students, prepare them for the semester’s work, and generate excitement about the course subject matter. According to surveys of undergraduates, students want to know two kinds of information on the first day of class. They want to learn as much about the nature and scope of the course as possible so they can decide whether they want to remain in the course or so they can better anticipate the work requirements for the semester. They are also curious about the teacher as a person. They want to know if you will be reasonable and fair with them, if you care about them as individuals, and if you care about the course itself.

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