Taste of Adams Returns Amid COVID-19 Spike – NBC 7 San Diego

For the first time since 2019, large crowds were seen flooding Adams Avenue on Sunday. 

“It’s refreshing,” said John Perkins, who lives in the neighborhood. “I mean, it’s still weird because the pandemic isn’t over, but it’s so nice to be with people.” 

Taste of Adams is officially back, marking San Diego’s first major in-person food festival in the era of COVID-19. 


“A month and a half ago I saw it and I said, ‘Guys, come down. We’re doing the Taste of Adams. No excuses,’” said Jared Brown who lives in the neighborhood.

Attendees came by the hundreds as Adams Avenue filled up for the sold-out event.

“It was much needed, we really like to see people out in the avenue,” said Ludo Missud, owner of participating business Et Voila.

The pandemic fully canceled most in-person events in San Diego last year, yet another blow to many local businesses.

“I mean you go from being busy every day of the week to being shut down and doing to-go so the impact was absolutely insane,” said Missud.

As COVID-19 restrictions were lifted and our county’s vaccination rate rose, events like Taste of Adams began making a comeback and so did the crowds. 

“People are definitely back out,” said Missud. “I think they were cooped up for over a year and a half and they are happy to be out and enjoy themselves.”

Streets filling up with San Diegans looking forward to a carefree summer.

“I’m not really worried about it [the coronavirus],” said Brown. “I know my whole group is vaccinated and we’re the ones spending the most time with each other.”

“The vaccines arent perfect but they are good enough and I think it is a measured risk that is very reasonable to take,” said Perkins

All while officials are sounding the alarm again about the rise in new COVID-19 cases.