Simone Biles’ sister Adria on being the ‘Claim to Fame’ underdog, staying ‘longer than most expected’ – USA TODAY

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Adria Biles, known on “Claim to Fame” as Louis, did not go home with the gold!

The lookalike sister of Olympic champion Simone Biles and Houston Astros Shooting Stars dancer was sent home Monday after other contestants went back on their promise of giving her one last chance.

Biles, 23, is the seventh participant to exit the series that puts relatives of celebrities under one roof (like CBS’ “Big Brother”) in a house filled with clues about their well-known family (like Fox’s “The Masked Singer”). The contestant who can successfully conceal their identity for the entire 10-episode season gets $100,000. 

Logan guessed Biles’ true identity — something contestants have known since day one. He said the “one” major giveaway was that the Biles sisters “looked like they coulda been twins.” 

Biles says her sister “didn’t really have any advice” on how to make it through to the finale for obvious reasons. “I don’t think there was any to give. I have her whole face!” 

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In Monday’s episode, L.C. shook hands with Biles and promised she would vote for Biles to be the guesser in exchange for her to try and guess Pepper. If she guessed Pepper right, she would stay in the game, but if not, she’d go home. L.C. ultimately voted for Logan to be the guesser, who sent Biles home. 

“I played the game and I wasn’t mad about leaving because I did pretty good and stayed longer than most expected,” Biles said of the elimination.

In an interview via email with USA TODAY, Biles dishes on her “Claim to Fame” strategy despite being an obvious target, the dramatic exit of her roommate Amara Skye (Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter) and what it’s like being the younger sister of Simone.

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Question: What was your strategy going into the house given that you and your sister look alike? 

Adria Biles: I was expecting the be the first one out! I did not think I was going to make it so far but I’m really proud of myself. I guess I didn’t really have a strategy. I basically thought I would walk through the door and walk right back out. Then I started winning and it was like, “Okay, game on.” As soon as I walked into the house (I knew people had me figured out).

Q: What went through your head after Logan guessed who you were related to?

Biles: It’s a game and I had to remember that. He was also playing and that was his strategy. He played a good game — mostly because no one knew who he was. I left just feeling very thankful. I was proud of myself and I left with 11 new really close friends.

Q: Amara Skye wasn’t happy you wouldn’t promise an alliance as her roommate and called you “fake.” What emotions did you experience on her elimination night? 

Biles: I was kind of hurt, but we all kind of knew it would get to a point where we would have to start eliminating each other. We have a group chat and we all check in and update each other on life.

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Q: Did anything about this experience surprise you? 

Biles: It was honestly so much fun and I didn’t think it would go by so fast. I was kind of sad to leave. (It was challenging) being away from my family. That was the longest I’ve ever not been with them and had zero contact.

Q: What was it like growing up the sister of Simone Biles?

Biles: I think when people ask this question they don’t realize she is completely normal. She doesn’t do flips around the house. We still fight sometimes and I steal her clothes. We are like best friends.

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