San Ysidro Businesses See Sales Rise As Border Reopens to Vaccinated Travelers – NBC San Diego

After nearly two years the border is finally back open for all travel and Olivia Campos is breathing a sigh of relief.

“I feel happy because I have more chances to survive in the business,” said Campos.

Campos owns Carolin Shoes in San Ysidro and for the past 19 months she’s been barely holding on.

“It affects [business] a lot because we have fewer customers, fewer chances to sell,” said Campos.

According to San Ysidro’s Chamber of Commerce, 95% of its small business customers come from Mexico. They add that since the border closure, 275 businesses have had to shut their doors.

While Campos’ shoe shop survived she says it’ll be a long time before her businesses can fully bounce back.

“I would say about a year,” said Campos. “If everything goes well, I think one year.”

While the reopening of the San Ysidro port of entry to nonessential travel brings hope to many struggling businesses along the border, the retailers can’t help but worry about other difficulties arising.


“I think everyone has the same problem, not just me,” said Campos. “Since all the containers are stuck in long beach, a lot of people are not having the merchandise we need. We have been waiting for the merchandise for three or four months and are still over there and we don’t know when we’re going to get it.”

Small businesses like Campos’ have also been disproportionately impacted by delays, shortages, and other supply chain disruptions for months now.

Campos worries she won’t be able to keep her shelves stocked much longer.

“For the next couple weeks, yes [we have enough merchandise], but for December, if we don’t receive the merchandise we’re going to have trouble,” said Campos

As she was able to survive the last 19 months she hopes her community’s support will help pull her business through.

“I only hope people come to shop while we still have merchandise,” said Campos.