San Diego Weekend Arts Events: The Music Of Drag, A Quint Reception, Music En La Calle, Anticuado And Carmen Cusack (KPBS Midday Edition Segments) – KPBS

This weekend in the arts: Kelsey Brookes and Nicholas Galanin at Quint, drag artist Jaye Piper Rosewell, a City Heights music festival, Javier Arreguin Villegas, and outdoor music at The Old Globe.

Speaker 1: 00:00 This weekend in the arts, the old globe comes alive again with some in-person events, a music festival in city Heights and the return of receptions at Quinn gallery. Joining me with all the details as KPBS arts editor and producer, Julia Dixon, Evans, and welcome I’m Julia.

Speaker 2: 00:18 Hi Maureen. Thanks for having me in the room. Visual

Speaker 1: 00:21 Art world. Let’s start with what’s going on at Quinn gallery and the Hoya they’ve been open awhile, but this is their first event since the onset of the pandemic. Can you tell us about it? Yeah.

Speaker 2: 00:32 So they’re celebrating two artists on Saturday. There’s the already on view solo exhibition. That’s at the main gallery. That’s local fav Kelsey bricks. His work is really brainy and psychedelic. And one of my favorite things about this exhibition of his work is that it pulls from a bunch of different series spanning 12 years of his work. So there’s a ton of variety, lots of detail to take in. And they’re also showing a new work in their Quint. One space that’s just half a block away. It’s a huge abstract tapestry by Nicholas Glennon. And some of us might’ve seen his Indian land installation in desert X this year. It was modeled after the Hollywood sign. And that is actually still on view through the summer. Glennon is an indigenous clean-cut artists that’s based in Alaska. So it’s really exciting that we have a chance to see two of his pieces in Southern California. Right now

Speaker 1: 01:34 The Quint gallery opening reception is Saturday evening from six to eight. It takes place at both locations on Girard avenue in LA Jolla. Next there’s a free live music and dance festival in city Heights on Saturday. Tell us about music and LA.

Speaker 2: 01:52 Yeah, this is hosted by booty tree concerts and it’s at the center line LA, which has right there a university in 41st street in the heart of city Heights. And there’s a little free library and some crafts for kids, international foods, arts vendors, but then they also have a full schedule of performances. These are all outdoors, and that runs from noon until about 6:00 PM. You can catch performances of indigenous dance from Mexico. There’s mariachi. There’s a rapper from Liberia, Chinese opera, flamenco dancers, even Fern street circus will be there and they’ll have Afro Cuban jazz. They’ll also have narrow on Tyco, which is a Japanese drum group. Here’s a little clip from their presentation at a local Ted talk production that was in 2019. [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 03:10 That’s narrow on Taiku, who will perform at Bodhi tree’s music and the Kia festival. It takes place Saturday in city Heights, beginning at noon. Now onto the old globe. There’s two in-person events on your radar this weekend. And let’s start with the free pride version of word up live. Yeah,

Speaker 2: 03:30 I’m really loving the transformation of this pandemic era project word up that is turning into an in-person show, but the upside is they’re still doing a virtual simulcast of the performance as well. And this is their Madlibs masterclass, kind of a participatory jam session. And two weeks ago is the first one. They held onsite at the old globe. Actually it was the first onsite. Anything at the globe since the pandemic began, it all takes place in their outdoor Plaza. And the pub is open for refreshments this week. They’re celebrating pride with drag artist and singer songwriter, Jay Piper, Rosewall Rosewell, notably one at Craig NOLA word for their performances, Hedwig in the diversionary production of Hedwig and the angry inch. There’ll be music. There’s a discussion of drag performance and art and true to the word up format. I’m guessing there’ll be some collaboration with the audience and to warm things up. There’s also a pre-show DJ set from Mickey veil that starts at five o’clock.

Speaker 1: 04:36 So word up live. The pride edition is Friday afternoon at five 30. And finally, this is not quite a musical, but it’s close. The Tony nominated Carmen Kuzak has performing at the Globes Lowell Davies festival theater in three performances this weekend. Tell us what we can expect.

Speaker 2: 04:56 Yeah, Qstack was nominated for that Tony for her role in Brightstar, which was the Steve Martin and ed Berkow bluegrass musical that had first premiered at the globe in 2019 before it headed to Broadway. And this weekend shows they’re billed as an evening with Carmen Cusack. So I think we can expect a pretty broad selection of music. She’s also known for playing alphabet in Wicked’s north American tour, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of her bright star hits. Uh, here is Cusak singing the tune so familiar from the Broadway cast recording of Brightstar

Speaker 3: 05:57 [inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 06:28 And evening with Carmen Kuzak at the old globe takes place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8:00 PM for details on these and more arts events or to sign up for Julia’s weekly arts newsletter, go to And I’ve been speaking with KPBS arts editor, Julia Dixon Evans. And thanks, Julia.

Speaker 2: 06:51 Thank you, Maureen. Have a great weekend.