San Diego Teens Develop An App To Help Nurses – iHeartRadio


Three San Diego high school students have created a way to help nurses after a tragic year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vedant Nahar, a sophomore at Scripps Ranch High School, Ankit Machera, a senior at Scripps Ranch, and Lucas Walsh, a junior at Classical Academy developed Med-Alert.

The app is designed to help lighten the load on nurses. The app can manage and organize a nurse’s schedule. Nurses who have some free time can see which nurses need help.

“They’re kind of overworked because they have so many things to do so many patients to take care of that sometimes they have two things to do at once,” Vedant told KGTV.

The Med-Alert pitch was entered in the prestigious Blue Ocean High School Entrepreneurship Competition and went home with first place in the health care category.

“Everybody is able to delegate stuff so everybody has something to do and no one nurse is being overworked or is being super stressed out,” said Vedant.

The app also makes it easy for nurses to communicate while being able to social distance.

“I don’t have to necessarily communicate with that person. I can just go on the app and say I’ll pick up that task and they’ll get a notification saying this nurse has picked up that task,” Vedant said.

The Med-Alert app is currently in the testing phase. Vedant says their team is aiming for the app to be ready for the market in about two months.

Photo: Getty Images