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SD 101 Pod Your Role 2
Illustration by Adriana Heldiz

One of the first things you need to know to understand how the region works are the differences between the county government and city governments. Who controls what and when you need something done, who do you go to? 

It can get confusing, but don’t worry, we’ve got you. In our fourth episode of the San Diego 101 Podcast, we get back to the basics and explain the difference between the city and the county governments.  

We do this with the help of two people who have worked for both the city and the county of San Diego – Adrian Granda, who is currently the director of government affairs for the city of San Diego, and Marshall Anderson, who now works at California Strategies.  

Granda and Anderson break down who you should be looking to – your city or the county — when it comes the police budget, homelessness and more.  

To learn more about the differences between the city and county governments, you can check out our San Diego 101 video on the different roles of local government 

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