Politics Report: Ghost Guns Exploding – Voice of San Diego

This week in firearms in San Diego was all about local federal Judge Roger Benitez’s ruling that declared California’s ban on AR-15 and similar rifles unconstitutional. The state immediately announced it was going to appeal and state leaders launched a rhetorical attack on the judge. (If you’re into reading court rulings, this is one to sit down with. The first paragraph is so good. It’s essentially: The AR-15 is a very useful and great weapon therefore banning it is unconstitutional.)

But you can only ban firearms if you know about them. And this week in politics could feature a lot of discussion about the guns we do not know about: ghost guns. Following a recent shooting in the Gaslamp (which could have been much worse) Councilwoman Marni Von Wilpert asked for a report on ghost guns.

She got it Friday.

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