Police raid finds no drugs, but officers leave with thousands in cash | USA TODAY

Police raided Miguel Zeldon’s home in Philadelphia looking for drugs. No drugs were found, but police confiscated thousands of dollars in cash.
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In the summer of 2012, Miguel Zeledon had arrived home from work with hoagies for dinner. He was swarmed by Philadelphia police, who said they had a search warrant for his home.

“I’ve never been arrested, never even had a traffic ticket,” Zeledon said. “It was baffling what was happening.”

Zeledon, then 32, worked in risk management for an e-commerce company. He said the officers repeatedly asked his then-partner to tell them who his drug supplier was. Zeledon had grown up in the neighborhood, known for drug activity, but never said more than a neighborly greeting to those involved.

The officers didn’t find drugs, Zeledon said. But they did find $7,000 in cash in his nightstand and $3,400 in his partner’s drawer.

When Zeledon’s partner didn’t name his supposed drug supplier, the two officers split her cash and gave her a receipt for just the $7,000. They taunted her for being with Zeledon, using an ethnic slur, and sat down to eat the hoagies.

Zeledon said she didn’t file a complaint with the police. “It was the police who took it, so who could we go to at that point?” he asked.

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