PFF’s Top Head Coaches, Where is Frank Reich? – Sports Illustrated

Where does the Indianapolis Colts’ Frank Reich land on Pro Football Focus’ list of top head coaches in the NFL?

Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich has compiled a 37-28 record in his four seasons. The Colts gave Reich his first head coaching job in 2018 after successful stints as offensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles.

Pro Football Focus (PFF) recently ranked the top head coaches in the NFL, and Frank Reich cracked the top ten on their subjective list.

Reich came in at No. 9, sandwiched between Mike Vrabel and Mike McCarthy of the Tennessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys respectively.

Reich has dealt with an unfortunate revolving door of passers Indianapolis but has maintained strong levels of offensive success in spite of that. His maintenance of a solid defense has also helped weather the storm of sometimes erratic play from his passers. – PFF

PFF puts the coaches into several tiers in their rankings, and Reich makes the second tier named titled “Good Coaches”.

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Considering their first tier was “Hall of Fame Coaches”, Reich had little chance of cracking the top three which included Bill Belichick of the Patriots, John Harbaugh of the Ravens, and Andy Reid of the Chiefs.

Though one might argue the Steelers’ Mike Tomlin who boasts a better winning percentage than Harbaugh and has never had a losing season in his 15 years belongs in the “Hall of Fame” tier.

Reich is 1-2 in the playoffs, and new quarterback Matt Ryan could help elevate Reich’s status within PFF’s model with a few high profile wins in 2022.

Reich gets credit for generating good offensive production despite the quarterback position, and Ryan is consistently overlooked as a top-tier quarterback by PFF despite languishing with a decaying Atlanta Falcons roster the last four seasons.