Our readers write: Issue of Aug. 12, 2021 – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Vaccinations necessary for return to normalcy

I would like to see every person vaccinated against COVID-19, but realize that that will not happen. For whatever reason, some people will selfishly not get the vaccination. This impacts all of us and increases the time it will take to return to normalcy. However, return we will.

The voracity of the delta variant makes it likely that those who do not get vaccinated will contract the disease. These people will either die off or recover. Vaccinations provide a short-cut back to normal life, so please go and get stabbed today. Tell them that Marty sent you and there will be no charge.

Martin Sussman

Rancho Bernardo

There’s a better solution than vaccination passports

Thomas Elias, I was trying to find the zinger where you make the case for vaccine passports. (July 29 issue) And there it is, sorta, in the very first sentence: Passport please. No passport? No public access for you. No parks! No hiking for you. And no! No donut shop for you!

Toward the end of the article you state: “There has to be a way to distinguish the vaccinated from the resistors.” Kinda creepy.

If we’re going to talk about kids, it’s best to have data, which you didn’t, probably due to word count. To my mind the number of cases do not boost your argument. Those most adversely affected are those who opt out. This is just the first of a number of arguments for such policies.

Of course, you considered enforcement of such a policy, right? Thank you for not including it.

Most — I hope — appreciate the angst of those on both sides of the vaccination question. There must be a better solution than passports. Let’s figure it out.

Ron Emanuel


A letter to the unvaccinated

Dear Vaccine Non-Takers,

I want you to get vaccinated. Lest you think it is because I want to control your life, I have other things to do and am very busy just controlling my life. I understand that the most fundamental freedom is the freedom to make mistakes, perhaps more important than the freedom of religion or speech. You have the right to make a decision that causes you to die. It’s too bad, I’m sorry, but decisions — and freedom — have consequences.

But, unfortunately, it is not that simple.

While you are living your life, unmasked, you may catch COVID. You may show no symptoms, most infected don’t, spreading the virus all over. My wife and I have had the vaccine. We are likely not to show symptoms, much less get in the hospital. Most of the people in the hospital with COVID are, like you, unvaccinated, their choice. The problem is that you could infect us and we infect our unvaccinated grandchildren and they could end up in the hospital with a tube down their throats, die or be disabled for the rest of their lives.

It is for that reason that I want you to get vaccinated. I presume you stop at red lights and stop signs because you don’t want to collide with somebody and injure yourself or them. This is the same thing. Vaccination is good for your life and the people we love.

Kent Deines