New monkeypox vaccine plan may stretch nation’s limited supply | USA TODAY

The U.S. will use smaller doses of the monkeypox vaccine in order to stretch its supply.

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Monkeypox vaccine shots will soon be delivered differently and in a way that allows 5 doses to be obtained from a current single dose.

The Food and Drug Administration Tuesday issued an emergency use authorization for the Jynneos monkeypox vaccine so it can be available for adults as a so-called intradermal injection, which penetrates only the top layer of skin.

In a Tuesday afternoon call with news media, members of the Biden Administration urged state and local officials who still have doses of Jynneos available to immediately switch to intradermal injections to conserve vaccines.

The federal government has purchased and already allocated more than 600,000 Jynneos doses. States and localities can order additional vaccine once they have used 90% of the stock allocated to them.

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