Nebraska man paddles 38 miles in hollow pumpkin, sets new world record | USA TODAY #Shorts

A Nebraska man set a new record after he paddled the Missouri River for 38 miles in a hollowed-out pumpkin.

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In the age-old fairytale, Cinderella travels in a giant pumpkin carriage to meet her prince. In real life, everyday man Duane Hansen paddled in an 846-pound floating pumpkin for 38 miles in the Missouri River to attain a world record – on his 60th birthday, no less. People are calling him “Cinderfella.”

It took Hansen, of Syracuse, Neb., nearly a decade to grow the giant gourd named “Berta,” before he hollowed it out and created a cooler inside that made it sustainable to float in for a river journey. That dedication made it possible for him to eclipse the previous world record for the “longest journey by a pumpkin boat,” as Hansen paddled “SS Berta” for 11 hours.

Hansen is set to take over Rick Swenson’s 2016 Guinness World Record completed for a 25-mile trip from Grand Forks, N.D., to Oslo, Minn. Guinness World Records still has to approve the trek. To validate a record, Guinness requires evidence with its submissions, including photos, videos and witness statements. But there should be no shortage of evidence, considering Hansen’s feat was all over social media.

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