Naples catcher goes for gold with USA softball team – NBC2 News

NAPLES, Fla. — When Naples softball catcher Aubree Munro Watson isn’t training to win the gold medal for Team USA in Tokyo, she is a church youth leader.

From age 6, 27-year-old Munro Watson found her place behind home plate. She learned how to play growing up in California. That’s when she realized her dream to someday make it to the Olympics.

On her way there, she became a Gator at UF in 2013. During her time in Gainesville, the team won two NCAA championships.

Her Christian Faith and her husband, Gordon, whom she met in school, helped her persevere. Once she graduated, she and Gordon moved back to Naples, Gordon’s hometown. That’s where she discovered a new passion off the field at the Venture Church.

Family & Youth Pastor Shawn Sprouse said, “She can teach, she’s great with the girls, great with the guys. She’s great with everyone, parents.” Sprouse said Munro Watson started as a volunteer and is now a youth leader three times a week, where she packs and unpacks a trailer for the mobile church every Sunday.

Libby Sprouse, a member of her youth group said, “She’s an amazing and awesome person and she will always be there for you.”

Shawn said she even brought her skills to the church office’s parking lot. He said, “She would look this way and turn and throw on a dime and just about knocked the glove off my hand and so I was like, yeah she’s pretty good.”

When Munro Watson shared that she’s going to the Tokyo Olympics, the church hosted a send-off ceremony for her. Last Wednesday, her youth group watched the team win against Canada. He said, “We were just so excited for her every time.”

Monro Watson and her team brought home 4 other wins. Tuesday morning at 7am EST, the U.S. Women’s Softball team will go up against Japan for the gold.