Miss ND USA makes home state proud – KX NEWS

KX News (Bismarck) — One of the most visible buildings in Bismarck is getting a new addition, at least for Christmas.

Saturday, a new outdoor nativity scene will be officially unveiled and blessed at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. The nativity scene is a gift to the Cathedral, honoring its 75th anniversary. The displaying of the nativity scene at the cathedral and around the world is being encouraged by Pope Francis, in a letter on the meaning and importance of the nativity scene.

Though it’s being displayed outside the Catholic cathedral, the rector of the cathedral said the nativity scene isn’t exclusive to Catholics. “It’s for everybody. And in a particular way, for our 75th year here, we want it to be an expression that Christ is not just for Catholics or Protestants or any Christians, he’s for everyone,” the Very Reverend Joshua Ehli, Rector of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, said. “That’s why we have him on the corner here of Raymond [Street] and Avenue B, available to all.”

Fr. Ehli said more figures will appear over the coming weeks. The blessing of the nativity scene is happening right around 6 p.m, immediately following the 5 p.m. Mass.