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While the main focus of Mass Effect 2 is defeating the Collectors, Shepard should make time to honor the Illusive Man’s request to investigate a Cerberus outpost that has gone dark in the Overlord DLC. Widely considered one of the best and more controversial DLCs in the Mass Effect trilogy, Overlord tasks Shepard with infiltrating the fortress of a VI “overlord,” created by fusing a human with a VI, and shutting it down before it can start a killing spree in other systems.

All the DLC missions for Mass Effect 2 unlock at different points in the main campaign. Overlord is the first players can complete, becoming available as soon as Shepard gains control of the Normandy SR-2 and begins recruiting their team. They will need to travel to the planet Aite to begin the mission and won’t be able to return to the Normandy until it has been completed. Though players can launch this mission any time once it unlocks, many fans prefer to save it until just before the endgame Suicide Mission, as it includes a few upgrades Shepard can use when infiltrating the Collector base. Here’s how to start the Overlord DLC in Mass Effect 2.

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How To Begin The Overlord DLC In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

David Archer in Mass Effect 2: Overlord

To begin Mass Effect 2: Overlord, any time after Shepard receives the email from The Illusive Man, they can travel to the planet Aite. This planet is located in the Typhon system of the Phoenix Massing Nebula. This nebula is located near the Perseus Veil and is also the location for Legion’s Loyalty mission, Legion: A House Divided.

Once Shepard and their team land on Aite and communicate with Dr. Archer, they can begin the DLC. Once they enter the Cerberus facility, they will not be able to return to the Normandy or travel to another part of the galaxy until the four main assignments of the DLC have been completed. However, between assignments, they will have an opportunity to change squadmates and loadouts.

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Overlord features difficult mech and geth enemies, so it may be beneficial to wait to complete this quest until later in the game when Shepard has researched and unlocked more armor upgrades, heavy weapons, and weapon upgrades. Heavy Weapons will be an especially useful weapons class during these assignments, as there are many power cells available to replenish ammo.

Though players can technically begin Mass Effect 2: Overlord any time they feel it fits narratively, many fans choose to save it as either the last thing they do before retrieving the Reaper IFF and starting the endgame Suicide Mission, or immediately after surviving the Suicide Mission. Due to its challenging enemies and lengthy campaign, it is not a good idea to try and complete Overlord early in the game, especially not in the mission countdown between Horizon and the derelict Collector Ship. Additionally, Overlord‘s assignment locations include a few upgrades Shepard can find, including one upgrade for Heavy Skin Weave, that can be useful in the endgame missions.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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