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Check out all the biggest Love Island USA news of the week. From Cinco shutting down a fan who brought up Cashay to Josh getting a new tattoo.

The post-season era of Love Island USA season 3 has been as eventful as ever this week, so this is a great time for fans to catch up on the latest tea from their favorite islanders. It’s been about two months since Love Island USA came to a dramatic conclusion on CBS. Since then, the islanders have been keeping fans up-to-date on social media. Certain cast members are much more active than others, but they’ve all been keeping fans updated one way or another.

So far, some of the couples from Love Island USA season 3 are reportedly no longer together nor trying to work on a romantic relationship between them. That includes finalists Jeremy Hershberg & Bailey Marshall as well as Charlie Lynch & Alana Paolucci. In turn, Will Moncada & Kyra Lizama are still going strong, as are winners Korey Gandy & Olivia Kaiser. Alas, there are also a few other Love Island USA season 3 couples and cast members who have been making headlines recently.

Considering that most Love Island USA couples are in long-distance relationships, it can be hard sometimes for fans to keep track of which islanders are still together outside the villa. Most fan-favorite couples have thankfully done a good job at updating their fans, but there will always be fans questioning their every move. Considering how eventful this post-season has been, it can be confusing for some viewers to keep up with all the updates.

Cinco Shuts Down Fan Talking About Cashay Proudfoot’s Fame

Recently, Cinco and Cashay Proudfoot had to take to their social media pages to clarify that they were still together. Now, Cinco and Cash had to deal with yet another issue point of contention coming from the fandom. This week, a fan told Cinco to post more content with Cash so that he can get more likes and comments on Instagram. This rude comment obviously rubbed Cinco the wrong way, who didn’t hesitate to shut the fan down. “I don’t care about the amount of likes and comments and I’m not here to use Cash for her notoriety like others are either,” Cinco wrote back.

Josh Goldstein Gets New Tattoo Honoring His Late Sister

Thankfully, Josh Goldstein and Shannon St Claire are also still reportedly dating outside the villa. However, that doesn’t erase how rough these last few months have been for Josh and his family as they mourn the passing of his sister Lindsey Beth Goldstein. In fact, Josh has done several things to honor his sister and share just how much she is missed. Recently, Josh also got a tattoo honoring Lindsey Beth. The tattoo is a drawing of a stairway to heaven with two gate doors opened up. Josh also included the date of Lindsey Beth’s passing under the tattoo: August 4, 2021.

Andre Luis Brunelli Welcomes A New Baby Boy

Andre Luis Brunelli on Love Island USA season 3

Last but certainly not least, Andre Luis Brunelli became a father of two this week. As seen on the show, Andre was forthcoming about how much he loves being a father to his adorable daughter, Kylie. His relationship with Kylie’s mom unfortunately didn’t work out, but they seem to co-parent her just fine. Now, Andre has welcomed his second kid into the world, this time a boy. As a proud new father, Andre shared many pictures of his new son on social media. According to Andre’s post, the little boy was named Joséh. Many Love Island USA fans and cast members took to the comments to congratulate Andre.

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