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Recapping all the biggest news of the week from the Love Island USA cast, from Will & Kyra’s double date to Josh’s new tribute to his late sister.

Even deep into its post-season era, the Love Island USA cast members are still updating their social media fans on a regular basis. After Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser were crowned the winners of Love Island USA season 3, the islanders have been keeping fans up to date with their latest events. As an example, finalists Bailey Marshall & Jeremy Hershberg, as well as Alana Paolucci & Charlie Lynch, have already reportedly broken up.

With that said, there are also several couples from Love Island USA season 3 that are still very much together. Besides champions Korey & Olivia, season 3 couples Josh Goldstein & Shannon St Claire, Cinco & Cashay Proudfoot, and Will Moncada & Kyra Lizama are all still dating outside the villa. The friendships that were formed on the show are also still alive and thriving, with cast members often doing informal Love Island reunions in different cities.

Last week, Aimee Flores confirmed her official breakup with Wes Ogsbury. Meanwhile, Bailey did a new Instagram Q&A where she talked about maintaining good terms with Jeremy despite their breakup and rooting for Korey’s relationship with Olivia. Bailey’s followers were also curious about how she felt about Wes, but she clarified that they barely know each other and only met once outside the villa.

Will Moncada & Kyra Lizama Have A Double Date With Leslie Golden & Bennett Sipes

As a reality TV couple, Will and Kyra had quite a few haters while they competed on Love Island USA season 3. Most notably, many viewers believed that Will and Kyra had already met before getting onto the show. Some fans also disliked how “steady” they were, as in, there was just no drama at all coming out of that relationship. They persevered nonetheless, and Will and Kyra are even doing double dates with other islanders now. This week, the couple got together with season 3 co-star Leslie Golden and her boyfriend, Love Island USA season 2 star Bennett Sipes, for a dinner date night in Los Angeles.

Josh Goldstein Plays The Guitar & Sings In New Tribute To His Late Sister

Josh chose to suddenly exit Love Island USA after hearing that his sister, Lindsey Beth Goldstein, had passed away while he filmed the show. Shannon left with Josh, and they’ve been together ever since. Alas, Josh is obviously still mourning the loss of his late sister. In the two months since Love Island ended, Josh has taken to social media several times to honor his late sister in different ways. Of note, Josh got a tattoo of heaven gates being opened for Lindsey Beth. And this week, Josh played the guitar and sang to honor his sister. Many fans were shocked that Josh had these musical talents, as many weren’t aware that he could play the guitar or even hold a tune. In his tribute, Josh sang “Drink A Beer” by Luke Bryan.

Johnny Middlebrooks & Mercades Schell Reunite For Photoshoot

Johnny Middlebrooks and Mercades Danielle Schell had an extremely controversial fling on Love Island USA season 2 after he had spent the entire season being head over heels for Cely Vazquez. Johnny met Mercades at Casa Amor, and most viewers didn’t expect that he, of all people, would entertain another partner on the show. Alas, Johnny followed his impulse and went all-out for Mercades during their first night at Casa. After the show ended, Johnny and Mercades took a lot of jabs at each other. However, it seems like these Love Island USA stars have since reconnected. Recently, Johnny and Mercades even did a photoshoot together.

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