LeBron James shows up at San Diego high school football game – ClutchPoints

LeBron James is arguably the biggest sports figure in the United States right now. The Los Angeles Lakers star is one of the most recognizable athletes today. His presence is so big that even non-sports fans know him. It’s clear that he’s had a large impact on many people, and fans are going to be excited to see him.

Well, some lucky people in a San Diego high school got to see LeBron James in person. The Los Angeles Lakers star pulled up to a high school randomly, much to the delight of fans. A couple of people in the crowd captured this moment and shared it to social media. (via ClutchPoints)

LeBron James pulled up to high school football game last night in San Diego and the kids couldn’t believe it ?

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— ClutchPoints (@ClutchPointsApp) October 8, 2022

The details of why LeBron decided to randomly show up to this high school football game is unknown. Nonetheless, the crowd was hyped, as hundreds of people pulled out their phones to capture this once in a lifetime moment. After all, it’s not everyday that someone like the Lakers star shows up to your high school.

At this point, LeBron James is probably just doing the “side quests” at this point. The Lakers star has accomplished nearly everything he could in the basketball realm. He has four championships, multiple MVP trophies, and even a couple of Olympic Gold Medals to boot. He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest ever to lace it up.

LeBron and the Lakers are on a quest to redeem themselves after a failed 2021 – 22 season. After completely missing the playoffs, the team fired head coach Frank Vogel and replaced him with Darvin Ham. With a new supporting cast around LeBron, can the Lakers finally break through this year?

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