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Longtime great NFL head coach Dick Vermeil once you open your doors to a lot more avenues when you’re not a very good football team. He said this in reference to why his St. Louis Rams signed quarterback Kurt Warner out of the Arena League. It was all about giving a guy a chance. That is why people shouldn’t turn their noses up at the upstart USFL. While it’s occupied chiefly by players that will never reach the NFL, it can also be an excellent land of opportunity for guys that never got one. Just ask Kyahva Tezino.

During his final two years of college at San Diego State, he racked up 225 tackles, two interceptions, 12 sacks, and two forced fumbles. Impressive numbers for an off-the-ball linebacker. Yet this still wasn’t enough for him to get drafted. He bounced around the NFL for two years in places like New England and Carolina. Realizing it would be difficult getting his foot in the door, he decided to jump at the chance the United States Football League offered. He joined their Pittsburgh Maulers franchise, became a starter, and is already making waves.

Anybody that knows him won’t be surprised.

Tezino is tied for second in the league with 21 tackles through two games, an interception, a forced fumble, and half a sack. He’s making plays all over the field. His instincts stand out on almost every snap. This isn’t an isolated incident either. His tape from college is riddled with the same things.

Kyahva. Tezino. Watch him here. He’s not going to break through this block but he is able to smack the pass up into the air and lay out for an outstanding interception on the opening drive of the New Mexico Bowl. Incredible play by Tezino. Always active.


Here’s one of my sleeper ILB’s in the draft my co-host @TheAlexisKraft and I interviewed. Kyahva Tezino. San Diego State defense’s heart and soul. Tezino doesn’t get blocked here for whatever reason, so he shoots the gap and nails the running back. Forced fumble. SDST ball.


This is where the Chicago Bears come in. With the arrival of Matt Eberflus and his new staff, the requirements at linebacker have changed. They need more off-the-ball types than before. Thus far, their only notable additions were former Raiders starter Nicholas Morrow, and special teams ace Matthew Adams. They still have a starting spot up for grabs and have serious question marks regarding their depth.

Kyahva Tezino would make for the perfect flier. Somebody with playmaking capability they can get for cheap and has the makeup of somebody that fits this defense well. He also has experience playing both inside and outside, adding to his value.

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