Hoping for a trip south of the border – Villages-News

To the Editor:

Mary and I were planning a little vacation trip to Ensenada, Mexico. Our plan was to fly to San Diego, rent a car, and drive to Ensenada. Our travel agent said this is the slow “tourist” season and we could get “great rates.”
Well, the “best laid plans” sometimes go wrong. The U.S. government has decided to keep the “Borders of Canada and Mexico” closed to non-essential travelers for at least another month, as a “COVID” precaution.
Not wanting to lose our “deposits” we quickly called our travel agent. She was already on the problem.  We

are now flying to El Paso, Texas, and renting a “Range Rover” as we will have to drive across the Rio Grande, a few miles south of the “border” check point. Louise has assured us that the traffic going “south” will be light, as most of the people are “traveling north”.
The best part is no lines and “NO COVID TESTING”

Len Boczkowski

Village of Palo Alto