High Tension, Thick Ice – and the USA Wants to Learn from Norway – High North News

“I think it is clear that the Arctic is something that all the US commands are looking closer at. There is this increasing interest in what is going on above the Arctic Circle”, Major General Peter B. Andrysiak, Deputy Commanding General of US Army Europe and Africa, told High North News in an exclusive interview this week. (Photo: Hilde-Gunn Bye)

Published at: Nov 21 2021 – 17:34 / Updated at: Nov 21 2021 – 17:34

Dear High North News reader, Norwegian soldiers keep impressing with their skills in extreme conditions. This week’s newsletter brings you an exclusive interview with the deputy commander of US Army Europe and Africa, and China invests heavily in the Northern Sea Route. This is the week seen from – and in – the High North.




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