Here’s why teacher shortages could affect low-income students the most | JUST THE FAQS

Teacher shortages are very real in certain school districts in the U.S. Here’s why.

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The kids hit hardest when the pandemic closed their schools are also among the most likely to start off the year at districts without enough teachers and other staff.

Many schools have all the teachers they need, data shows, despite a national uproar over a teaching shortage. But data suggests that districts with large numbers of Black, brown or poor students – the students who fell furthest behind in math and reading during remote schooling – could bear the brunt of the teaching vacancies.

Disadvantaged students are the most likely to enter classrooms over the next few weeks with new teachers, substitutes, teachers with the least amount of training, and a shrinking number of the most-experienced teachers, based on a USA TODAY analysis of available data and interviews with experts and teachers.

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