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A man from San Diego who grew up eating a California burrito stuffed with french fries recently opened a burrito-centric restaurant in New York City.

“Wait, french fries To Burrito? “

This is the most common question Alex Tabua gets when he’s in a new restaurant these days. Electric Burrito NYC, It was launched in mid-May with friend and business partner Will Wyatt.

Small Burrito Shop – A burrito shop. Absent Located at Tacos Shop – 81 St. Marks Pl. Located in New York City’s East Village. It’s already been talked about, so Thaboua even said he had run out of carne asada on the first day of business and had to close on the second day to catch up.

Thaboua thinks the topic has something to do with it internal Burrito.

Thaboua said that every time a business partner first pitched their ideas to a friend, they would hear the same reaction. Well, at least from non-Sun Degans.

“I’m not kidding, but everyone thought it was a joke at first. It was crazy,” Taboua told NBC 7. And I said, “The actual California burrito contains french fries. I felt.

Verbatim, everyone’s reaction, each person’s reaction, with this accurate voice tone, “Wait, french fries To Burrito? And I said, “Yeah, what? Do you think they’ll be on your side? I said they have french fries To That’s it, “he added.

Verbatim, everyone’s reaction-each person’s reaction-with this accurate voice tone, “Wait, french fries To Burrito? And I said, “Yeah, what?”

Alex Tabua, San Diegan, New York resident, Electric Burrito NYC owner

However, Thaboua had the idea that he could trust the frugal California burrito, have deep regional ties to San Diego, and bring this burrito, beloved by the San Diego people, to New York City.

He said New York didn’t have a real good California burrito and nothing he had found in at least the last decade. And rumors spread between California and San Diego transplants.

“Every Californian here, north or south, from anywhere, anywhere in California, when I meet someone here in California, one of the first things to say is that there is no good Mexican food. “Tabour told NBC 7 ..

“There’s really good Mexican food-it’s great and decent Mexican food-but every Californian who says it says there’s no good burrito. It’s just that there’s no burrito culture,” he added.

But now he said.


Taboua was born and raised in Claremont, San Diego County.

He grew up like many Native Sons, skateboarding with his peers, spending a lot of time on the local beaches, and eating great burritos. He worked in a restaurant as a teenager and was attracted to the hospitality industry.

When Thaboua was 21, he traveled to San Diego.

In 2012, he went to New York City and started working in the bar and hospitality industry, making New York his second home. Thaboau went deep into bar management and cocktail programs, and that was his encounter with Wyatt.

There is just no burrito culture.

Alex Thaboua, Electric Burrito NYC

The duo bartendered together at the NoMad New York Hotel. When Wyatt co-founded Mr. Paradise, New York’s East Village bar, the two worked together again to succeed in the project.

Then came the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

“We spent the whole year figuring out how to get things done and how to run them,” Taboua recalls.

Due to the strict COVID restrictions at bars and restaurants in New York, Taboua sought to achieve what he had previously thought. Claremont.

He missed the taste of the house.

He also talked with his friends about burritos for a while and the idea of ​​bringing the SoCal classic to New York.

Mr. Taboua said it’s been about two years since he was able to return to San Diego. Every time he gets home, he first goes to his favorite local taco shop, Cotican Mexican Foods on Genecy Avenue. It’s open 24 hours a day, like many taco shops, so even if it’s a red-eye flight.

“That’s my place,” he said. “Everyone misses it – every Californian misses it (favorite taco shop).”

Using his kitchen as a creative space, Thaboua worked on Red Salsa. He made a lot of it, so he shared it with his neighbors for feedback.

It took a while, but one day he understood it correctly.

He shared salsa with his friends at Mr. Paradise in a homemade burrito made from real wheat flour tortillas purchased at Montauk.

That was it. He brought a California burrito and a breakfast burrito to New York.

“I remember biting, but in fact, it really, really, took me home,” said Taboua. “We did it. This is the real thing. Me It was the burrito that took me home. “

In the spotlight: Electric Burrito NYC

Thaboua and Wyatt open Electric burrito NYC May 17th.

At the top of the menu, the San Diego-style California burritos are tall and you can choose from french fries, cheese, pico de gallo, carne asada, polo asada, and carnitas.

There are also several variations of burritos for breakfast on the menu. Use refried beans for this. This also means that non-California people are not accustomed to the constant experience in burritos.

Lunch burritos-bacon, eggs, cheese, beans, french fries-Taboua took his favorite burritos from his place back in San Diego.

“I’m very happy to be back in my life. It’s very good,” he said.

Thaboua told NBC 7 that his eateries had only a handful of stools and standing rails, most of which were made for counter service and takeaway. He said he was so busy on the first day of the opening that Carne asada was gone and he had to close on the second day to prepare for the next week.

Will Wyatt / Electric Burrito

One of the offers at Electric Burrito NYC.

I’ve been busy ever since.

“It was crazy. It was very weird,” he said. “I feel like everyone is out of California,” he said.

Thaboua and Wyatt had to hire a small staff to meet the demand. The owner is also there every day, making burritos and chatting with customers.

Thaboua said he heard customers talking about how excited they were to eat burritos.

“They will say,’I’m from San Diegan, thank you,’” he said. “And I just felt,’Wow, this was really lacking for many.’ “

According to Thaboua, Electric Brito NYC is working on making real California burritos using the right proportions of french fries and other ingredients. He always wants to get it right.

He hopes that San Diego’s classic flavors will come through and people will leave with satisfaction.

Taboua said the store already has both California and non-California patrons, adding that it’s cool to see people eating burritos on the streets of New York.

According to him, someone walked after seeing a customer eating a burrito from a Tabour store in the park the other day.

“It’s a little cool. All the yellow burritos wrapped in paraffin paper are floating,” he said with a laugh.

Taboua said he always imagined himself running a bar rather than a burrito store, but he’s excited to see what happens to Electric Burrito NYC from here.

He knows one thing. That is, the power of burritos in California is strong.

“I don’t think I understood how novel the concept here would be. I really feel like people understand that burritos are delicious,” he adds. I did.

Burritos in Sandigans, CA for lunch (and internal Your favorite burrito)?

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