DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Hacks | Problem Solved

Homemade Halloween hacks for trick or treating.

PROBLEM SOLVED, featuring Kristopher Juniel, shares the surprisingly simple solutions to life’s common problems. These aren’t just hacks. They’re helpful techniques you can use every day. Check back every week for more clever, simple and inspiring solutions.

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Does Couples Therapy Work With Narcissists?

Most people enter couples therapy with the intention of changing their partner’s behavior. Targets of narcissistic abuse go to these therapy sessions hoping the therapist will open their partner’s eyes to how hurtful she is being and in doing so will help the couple get their marriage back on track. When narcissistic abusers agree to couples therapy, their intention is to convince the therapist that they are perfect, that they are victims of abuse, and that their partner is to blame for everything that has gone wrong in their relationship.

3 Types of Emails to Automate to Boost Sales, Upsells, and Profits

As valuable email marketing is, it’s not enough on its own. Effective email marketing is all about automation. Send the right email at the right time to the right prospects and you’ll have lifelong customers who’ll be evangelists for your business.

What’s the Number 26 Reason You Can’t Find Love?

On the one hand, many will be surprised at the number 26 reason you can’t find love. On the other, it is a major reason for divorce. Therefore, it is more complicated than most believe it is. Why?

Renting Or Owning?: Which Is For You?: 5 Considerations

Although, many feel, owning a home, of their own, is an essential component, of the so – called, American Dream, and, this is true for many, a wise consumer, and potential homeowner, must, consider, thoroughly, whether, owning or renting, is the better, personal option! There are, both, positives, and negatives, in – terms of these choices/ options/ possibilities, and it is wise, to thoroughly, examine, which, may be, best, for them! Which makes the best path, for you, renting, or home ownership?

How To Balance State, And National Rights?: 5 Examples

How often, have we, all, seen, heard, and witnessed, the hypocrisy, of many public officials, who, emphasize, the importance, of so – called, states rights, when it serves their specific purpose, but, not, when it doesn’t? Although, we, unfortunately, should expect, this type of behavior, from politicians, it doesn’t make it, any – less, disappointing! If, we hope to see, some changes, for the better, in our overall delivery of government services, etc, we must demand, greater balance, between state and national rights, in a closer alignment, with what many believe, our Founding Fathers, envisioned!