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Everyone talks about the country going to hell. I question what our representatives are doing about it, if anything? Mr Wilson, of Hubbard Lake, you are thinking of the time when we had responsible pro-American people in office. My grandparents went through the same scrutiny coming to the U.S. Today, this two-headed government is forcing first responders to get COVID shots, when many are resigning in protest, yet the illegals are pouring through the borders without any exams or questions asked?

Viewpoint on Oct. 12 proves that a disease far greater than COVID is destroying this country. It’s called Democratic Liberalism. In Washington state, Greyhound Bus Co. was forced to pay $2.2 million to settle a lawsuit of restitution to passengers who were detained, arrested, or deported after the company let immigration agents board buses conducting immigration sweeps without a warrant.

The suit should have never taken place as it told the world that only in the USA crime pays. Illegals are felons and our law enforcement should have every bit of authority to arrest anyone of suspicion and deport them and not reward them.

I was touring Mexico once and when the bus returned back to the USA, a border agent boarded the bus and asked us our nationality. There was no problem as we all complied, and gave our citizenship and place of birth, and the bus moved on. So, what is the big deal?

Mr Wilson, immigration is big business with drug trafficking, human smuggling, sex trafficking, etc. Every walk-in is a sacred cow and a Democratic vote. That’s this administration’s main objective. I just can’t imagine how many things can get any more immoral and corrupt with this administration.



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