Cubans left without power after Hurricane Ian slams island | USA TODAY

Hurricane Ian struck Cuba as a Category 3, crippling the power grid and causing extensive outages and flooding.

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Millions of Cubans remained in the dark Wednesday after Hurricane Ian hurtled through the country, triggering an island-wide power outage on its devastating path to Florida.

Ian hit Cuba’s western tip as a powerful Category 3 storm Tuesday as the country was already facing economic crisis and frequent power outages. After the country’s power grid collapsed, crews worked overnight to restore power to Cuba’s 11 million residents, Cuba’s Electric Union said in a statement.

The storm also caused tens of thousands of residents to flee. Flooding and high winds damaged houses and toppled trees. No deaths were reported as of Tuesday night. “It was apocalyptic, a real disaster,” said Hirochi Robaina, owner of a farm that was among a swath of tobacco farms hit hard by the storm in the island’s tobacco region.

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