Crimea bridge damaged in explosion, cutting off Russia’s supply route | USA TODAY

A truck bomb caused a fire and the collapse of parts of a bridge that links Russia-annexed Crimea with Russia.

A previous version of this video was taken down as it didn’t include a graphic warning slate or explanation regarding the video’s origin.

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An explosion rocked and partially collapsed a massive bridge that connects Russia-annexed Crimea with Russia on Saturday, a setback for Moscow’s war effort that was quickly celebrated by officials in Ukraine.

Russian authorities said a truck bomb caused an explosion that killed three people and temporarily halted vehicle and train traffic over the longest bridge in Europe — a multi-billion dollar project that opened in 2018 and is a physical sign of Russia’s claim on Crimea. It’s also a key supply artery for Russian troops.

Kyiv stopped short of claiming responsibility, but the attack drew gleeful celebration among some officials. The official Telegram account for Ukrainian Parliament posted a photo and a video of the explosion early Saturday morning praising the blast. The Ukrainian postal service pledged to issue commemorative stamps commemorating the bombing.

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