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Washington (AP) — Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigiegge urges travelers to respect flight attendants and other crew members who impose federal mask obligations on planes on Sunday, and the federal government will strictly enforce such abuse. I promised that. Passengers’ increasingly chaotic behavior..

“The crew and other workers you encounter are doing their jobs,” he said. “They are in compliance and exist to keep you safe. Abuse of carriers is absolutely unacceptable.

“And, of course, there are very serious fines and enforcements for that,” Buttigiegge added.

Buttigiegge said the federal mask obligation, which is valid on planes, buses and trains until September 13, continues to be driven by public health considerations. He emphasized that travelers should comply with both safety and respect for transport workers.

Buttigiegge described COVID-19’s special precautions in crowded spaces, saying “something is related to the unique conditions of the physical space.” “Some of them relate to the condition of being at work and those who really don’t have the option of being there.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines Fully vaccinated people can go inside and outside various public areas without a face cover.

“These rules and regulations, and these guidance systems, are constantly evolving with science,” Buttigiegge said.

His advice comes after that Federal Aviation Administration The company announced last week that it would offer up to $ 15,000 in civil penalties for five passengers for violations such as assault and yelling at flight attendants.

Southwest Airlines Last week, a plane from Sacramento, California banned a woman accused of hitting a flight attendant shortly after landing in San Diego on May 23. He said he had ignored the instructions. San Diego Port Police arrested Vyvianna Quinonez, 28, and charged him with serious charges.

Over the weekend, both Southwest Airlines and American Airlines said they would postpone the reopening Alcoholic beverage service Due to a recent incident of passenger confusion.

The FAA says more reports of uncontrollable behavior by passengers are increasing this year as more travelers return to the sky. Approximately 2,500 uncontrollable passenger behaviors were reported between January 1st and May 24th, officials said.

Buttigiegge talked about ABC’s “this week” and CNN’s “state coalition.”

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Buttigiegge urges travelers to respect the obligations of masks on board.business

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