Budweiser Clydesdales get tangled at Texas rodeo, handlers rush to free horses | USA TODAY

At the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo last weekend, the Clydesdales got tangled and one fell. Handlers quickly responded to attend to the horses.

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The stately team of eight horses became tangled after marching onto the rodeo arena Saturday, with one of the Clydesdales being forced to the ground. The front horses turned right toward the arena fencing, doubling back towards the wagon, then turned right again into the rest of the hitched horses.

As a result one of the horses – each weighs 1,800-2,300 pounds – became tangled in the middle and went down onto the ground. The crowd could be heard to gasp in a YouTube video, which has racked up more than 3.4 million views since being posted Feb. 18.

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