Brooklyn subway shooter Frank R. James charged, held without bond | USA TODAY

Frank R. James is being held without bail after prosecutor said he “presents a severe and ongoing danger to the community.”

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The man charged in the Brooklyn subway shooting will be held without bail, a judge ordered during his first appearance in federal court Thursday after a more than 24-hour hunt led to his arrest the day before. Frank R. James, 62, was charged with a terrorist or other violent attack against a mass transportation system.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Sara Winik cited the magnitude of the charges against the alleged shooter, saying he is dangerous to the community. “The defendant terrifyingly opened fire on passengers on a crowded subway train, interrupting their morning commute in a way the city hasn’t seen in ore than 20 years,” Winik said. “The defendant’s attack was premeditated, was carefully planned, and it caused terror among the victims and our entire city.”

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