Belgium is home to the ‘world’s ugliest city’ | USA TODAY

What makes a city the world’s ugliest?

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Difficult Conversations for Difficult Employee Behaviors

Getting people to do what you need them to do can require difficult conversations, and showing up to those conversation could just be one more stress that you really wish you didn’t have to deal with; especially now in a global pandemic where we’re navigating such a perfect storm of change, uncertainty and fear. This Leadership Tip will help you set and approach those difficult conversations with a 5 step guide.

Great Leaders SEIZE The Moment!

There’s no place, in genuine leadership, for, blaming, and complaining, avoiding personal responsibility, or resorting to delaying, and procrastination! Rather, real leaders, regardless of position, held, or level/ type, etc, must, proactively, be ready, willing, and able, to move forward, responsibly/ reliably, and SEIZE the moment! Many observers, point to the present behavior of President Donald Trump, in an attempt to indicate/ demonstrate, some of the potential, inherent dangers and ramifications, of blaming, complaining, avoiding, and procrastinating!

Determining A Leader’s Best PATH!

It’s never enough, to simply, be elected, or hold, some position of leadership! Rather, a true leader, assumes a high degree of personal responsibility, and perceives things, as they should be, without limiting the possibilities! After, over 4 decades, of personal involvement, in nearly every area of leadership, from identifying and qualifying candidates, training them properly, evaluating the best individuals (best – suited, to lead), consulting to thousands of actual and potential leaders, and serving, as a leader, I have come to believe, strongly, one of the key ingredients and considerations, must be, how someone determines, the best PATH, to pursue, and…

5 Steps Leaders Use To Get Things Done!

The basic responsibilities, duties, necessary assets and attitude, and significance of professionally designed, true leadership training, exists, and is similar, regardless of the type of organization, etc, being represented. Whether, it’s a small, local group, a national or international one, or, a civic, social, professional, or position, of leading, related to public service (a public official), the idea of leading, and, the necessities, remain, quite similar! Every quality/ meaningful leader must be ready, willing, able, and qualified/ trained, to use specific steps, in order to get those things, needed and necessary, done!

Why Someone’s Opinion Of You Doesn’t Determine Who You Are

What other people think of you needn’t determine who you are because your sense of self shouldn’t be affected by their opinion of you. From an impressionable age, we regard the opinions of others because we want to be accepted and fit in. But as we mature and develop self-esteem, it shouldn’t matter what others think of us.