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PROBLEM SOLVED, featuring Kristopher Juniel, shares the surprisingly simple solutions to life’s common problems. These aren’t just hacks. They’re helpful techniques you can use every day. Check back every week for more clever, simple and inspiring solutions.

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An Analysis Of Heidegger’s Writings

This essay is an analysis of Heidegger’s writings. Heidegger examines the basic question of being and he says that being is product of history, being and culture. From there Heidegger traces the philosophical question of the meaning of being.

How Events Help in Brand Building

Whether you want to use the event as a branding mechanism or to grow your business by getting more leads, events – whether you host or attend – are an effective way to grow your business. They help you make connections, get known, and build your email list stronger and bigger.

Science Explains Mind Control!

Neuroscience shows how a dominant brain controls a weaker one. This helps explain mind control in abusive relationships. Learn how to protect your mind.

Book Review of “Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask”

This book was very well put together by the author. He sincerely answered common questions non-native people have often had in a genuine way without anger. Many people do want to help build relationships and are seeking to understand history and how it affects our nation today. This is the first step in working together toward a more positive future.

Lessons Learned From Home Ownership

Moving from an apartment to a newly purchased home is an awesome task! Getting organized by figuring out what you own, packing and moving it effectively takes willpower. energy and creativity.