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WWE's Triple H

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It has largely been good times for WWE since Vince McMahon announced his retirement and the company was taken over by Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan as co-CEOs, with Triple H now serving as Head of Creative. Not only is talent reportedly happier than they’ve been in some time, but business is looking good too, with attendance and ratings both on the rise. So it only makes sense that the USA Network would be very happy with the changes going on in WWE as well.

According to Fightful Select, sources within the USA Network and NBC Universal are thrilled with the performance of “Raw” on USA. One source told Fightful that “Raw’s” current numbers are more in line with what USA expected when WWE’s deal was extended, though the source noted that the pandemic had led to a major change in expectations. The source also told Fightful that, even after the strong rating “Raw” pulled following SummerSlam, the show was not expected to draw similar numbers since. Instead, “Raw” has continued the momentum, posting another strong rating for this week’s episode.

Pleased With WWE’s Growth

Stephanie McMahon

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Meanwhile, a source at NBC Universal, who is said to keep up with wrestling more than most, told Fightful they didn’t expect the changes to “Raw” to be so drastic, but was pleased with the buzz the show had drawn, stating it couldn’t be ignored. The source also believed that numbers for “SmackDown” on Fox would increase as well from the changes, though the ratings have yet to reflect that.

On the whole, both USA and Universal are pleased with the direction WWE is currently heading in under Triple H, with one source describing “Raw” as “appointment viewing”, and that the show has started to feel more natural. Discussion about the show with USA has also reportedly increased in recent weeks. Sources also noted that the positive vibes are believed to have put WWE in an even stronger position regarding the company’s next TV rights deal with USA when negotiations begin next year.