Baby moose on the loose!⁠ This energetic calf was having fun zooming across a backyard in Alaska.

God’s Word Is Super Powerful

One will never know how powerful God is. There are not enough words in our vocabulary to describe God’s power fully.

Jack Lalanne Juicers – Most Popular And Time Tested Juicers

Why Are Jack Lalanne juice makers So Popular? The Jack LaLanne juicing machine is one of the most powerful juice making machines you will find on the market. It simply crushes, squeezes and extracts every last bit of juice from any produce you feed it with.

Paradoxical Paradigms: The Balancing Act Required Now

We’re living at a historical crossroads of monumental proportions. To choose well, we need to harness our power of discernment, engage in courageous thoughts and nurture fresh perspectives. We need to direct our Life Force away from the detritus of broken systems to confidently focus on the things we desire to expand and grow. As we become inner-directed, self-regulating beings who receive our guidance and discernment from within, that inner wisdom will lead and keep us safe. Here are the key steps to navigating with courage amid paradox and change.

4 IT Compliance Mistakes That Need To Stop Now

Emerging data security and privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA are beginning to make an impact on a global scale. This is forcing many businesses to closely scrutinize their IT processes and ensure they are compliant. However, with ransomware, malware, and other cybersecurity issues to worry about, many IT departments are too busy to keep up with the latest regulations.

How Can Growth Mindset Lead to Success?

How do people create and grow a mindset strategy? Here are some practical tips that will show you exactly how to get started.