2022 Season – Storytellers Announcement Livestream

Learn how YOU can get tickets, support your local newsroom, and become a storyteller for the 2022 Storytellers Project season!

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How Do You Build Spiritual Truth Into Your Life?

The language of the believer is Truth! Spiritual truth from God’s Word. How? Follow the Truth by the scriptures and do not abandon it! The Holy Spirit teaches you the Word and obedience to God. There is something in the Gospel that is different from anything else. Christ in you is the life, the Truth, and the way! I’m excited about this! What about you? When you enhance your Bible Truth, you enrich your spiritual life. Let me break it down for you. Read this and take your time.

Discover The Affiliate Marketing Techniques Used By Pros

Affiliate marketing is able to draw so many people in because there’s a myth going around that it’s an easy thing to do. Pushing someone else’s product might seem simple on its face. After all, it’s the company’s brand and promotion that’s ultimately selling the product. Right? Wrong! If this is how you think being an affiliate works, you need to read this article.

What Makes America Beautiful – Free Speech

What happens when a society allows free speech? 1. The discovery of truth accelerates, 2. The individual becomes more significant than the collective. 3. Free speech preserves the Constitution for future generations.

New Book Helps Readers Put Lives and Careers Into Overdrive

In “Driven to Thrive,” Alicia Reece offers excellent advice on careers. Based in personal experiences that include years in HR and as a business consultant and coach to Fortune 500 executives, Reece covers obvious information but also gets into areas readers may not have considered that often affect our work performance and career success.

K-12: Coping With New Normal Learning Modalities

With the trying time due to COVID-19 pandemic, learners are having tough job to face especially those who are residing in far flung, or so-called last mile areas. Yes, learners are doing their best coping up.