Hi all. I’m back with your fresh copy of the San Diego Daily. Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening in town today:

  • ‘Sustainable Development’ — A new definition.
  • Bridge opening delayed — Opening rescheduled for 2023.
  • Sleeping outside to raise awareness and funds — The group raised $100K for young homeless kids in San Diego.
  • Jaguar Cub Thrives In East SD — Eddie had a rough start in life, but is now loving life!

But first, today’s weather:

Humid with some sun.?High: 77, Low: 66.

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Here are four of the top stories in San Diego today:

Find out what’s happening in San Diegowith free, real-time updates from Patch.

  1. What exactly is ‘sustainable development’? Right now, there is some disagreement on the definition. City planners have recently come up with a new definition. However, Neighbors for a Better San Diego are opposed to the City planners’ recent proposal. The group calls it a ‘bait and switch.’ According to San Diego Planning Director Heidi Vonblum, the shift is meant to better align the city’s housing and climate goals. Meanwhile, prohousing groups say they are waiting for more information on the plan. Stay tuned! (KPBS)
  2. The old bridge, built back in the 1950s, was outdated and couldn’t handle the traffic demands of the 21st century. A new six-lane bridge on West Mission Bay Drive between I-8 and SeaWorld Drive, was set to open in mid-2022. However, construction of the new structure has not yet been completed. According to the City of San Diego, most of the work has already been done but a sidewalk, safety barriers, and lighting need to be completed. The project has been delayed until 2023. When it does open, the bridge will accommodate pedestrian, bikes, scooters, etc. (NBC San Diego)
  3. They slept outside on Friday night to raise money for homeless youth. During their second annual Street Sleep SD event, the San Diego Youth Services raised about $100K. “We are not trying to replicate what youth who are living on the streets go through. We have no idea. We could not even begin to understand what that’s like, so we just are really doing this in solidarity,” said Walter Philips, CEO of San Diego Youth Services. There are more than 1,800 youth experiencing homelessness every night here in San Diego. San Diego Youth Services provides resources, stable housing, and training to homeless youth. (FOX 5 San Diego)
  4. The jaguar cub was abandoned in the middle of the night at San Diego’s Lions, Tigers, and Bears, an animal sanctuary in Alpine. Named Eddie by his caretakers, he had arrived at the facility in poor condition after being sold several times to three different people. “He was quite the mess. He was completely covered in his own feces. He was skinny. He had parasites and ringworm. He had a lot of missing hair on his ears and his back,” said Bobbi Brink, founder of the Alpine rescue facility that rehabilitates exotic animals. “We just, of course, immediately cleaned him up and called the vet and got him, you know, got him his first physical and started feeding him properly.” One year later, the cub is loving life and thriving. (NBC San Diego)

Today in San Diego:

  • La Jolla Art & Wine Festival Adoption Event — Second Chance Dog Rescue. (10 a.m.)
  • Coastal Roots Sukkot Harvest Festival — Coastal Roots Farm. (10 a.m.)
  • SANDAG Community Fair — Greater San Diego Business Association. (11 a.m.)
  • (SD) Paint Your Pet: Fundraiser — Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue Group. (Noon)
  • Pleasure of Your Company, 8 Plus 88 Piano Trio — Scripps Miramar Ranch Library Center. (2:30 p.m.)
  • Taste of Italy Food Tour (Evening) — Little Italy San Diego. (4 p.m.)

From my notebook:

  • San Diego Humane Society: “Fostering is one of the amazing ways our community steps up to #SharetheCare. For every animal placed in a temporary foster home, much-needed space is created at the shelter for another animal in need. So if your heart has a pet-shaped hole in it but you’re not ready to commit to a fur-ever friend, consider fostering!” (San Diego Humane Society via Facebook)
  • San Diego Humane Society: “Saying goodbye has never been sweeter than when we saw the happy faces and wagging tails on the beagles’ adoption days! Thank you all for joining us on this journey with the 108 rescued beagles — from their many exciting firsts to their happy forever afters.” (San Diego Humane Society via Facebook)
  • City of San Diego: “Today we’re celebrating National Digital Inclusion Week and our recently launched Digital Navigator program that provides free, one-on-one computer and technology support to those in need. San Diegans can call the toll-free Digital Navigator helpline at 1-800-350-6945 to get assistance accessing technology or to make an in-person appointment.” (City of San Diego via Facebook)
  • San Diego Botanic Garden: “Our Cactus and Succulent Show and Sale is this weekend, meaning a variety of new and unique plants for both sale and viewing! With vendors setting up around our Conservatory, you can find the perfect plant to add to your collection and get the run down on the care they need to thrive.” (San Diego Botanic Garden via Facebook)
  • San Diego Humane Society: “Do you start each morning with that ever-essential cup of coffee? Perhaps accompanied by your canine companion? You can help save animals with your morning cup of joe, thanks to our friends at Cozy Canine Coffee! The woman & AAPI-owned coffee company aims to serve the San Diego community by sharing high quality and approachable coffee while supporting local animal rescue organizations and artists.” (San Diego Humane Society via Facebook)
  • Scripps Miramar Ranch Library: “Alzheimer’s San Diego: Communication Skills — Develop new skills and strategies for connecting and communicating more effectively with a person experiencing memory loss, and responding when interactions are challenging. This class is presented by local nonprofit Alzheimer’s San Diego and is designed specifically for care partners. Pre-registration online is required.” (Alzheimer’s San Diego)

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  • Open House – Price just reduced to $759,000 for 3 bed, 2 baths, single story, nearly 1500 sq feet. (Oct. 9)
  • San Diego’s 22nd Annual Diversity Employment Day Career Fair. (Oct. 12)
  • UKRAINE PET RELIEF FUNDRAISER: Music & Comedy by Richard Stockton. (Oct. 15)
  • 80’s Halloween Music Costume Party With The Cheez Whiz Band At Ebullition Brew Works. (Oct. 15)
  • 80’s Halloween Live Music Costume Party With The Cheez Whiz Band. (Oct. 15)
  • Online webinar with professionals catamaran rental in San Diego. (Oct. 16)
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Now you’re in the loop and ready to start this Sunday off right! I’ll see you around.

Bettyann Pernice

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